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High-efficiency, ultrafast separation of emulsified oil–water mixtures

Journal Article published Aug 2013 in NPG Asia Materials volume 5 issue 8 on page e58

Authors: Arun K Kota, Anish Tuteja

Commentary: Polymer/carbon-nanotube nanocomposites: from innovation to commercialization

Journal Article published 1 Sep 2009 in Journal of Nanophotonics volume 3 issue 1 on page 030307

Authors: Arun K. Kota

Separated flow around a rotating gyroball

Journal Article published 19 Apr 2011 in Journal of Visualization volume 14 issue 3 on pages 201 to 211

Authors: Koju Hiraki, Kota Ishitsu, Keisuke Yamada

Effect of Particle Addition to Liquid Metal on Fabrication of Aluminum Foam

Journal Article published Jan 2007 in High Temperature Materials and Processes volume 26 issue 4

Authors: Kota Kadoi, Hideo Nakae

The design and applications of superomniphobic surfaces

Journal Article published 4 Jul 2014 in NPG Asia Materials volume 6 issue 7 on page e109

Authors: Arun K Kota, Gibum Kwon, Anish Tuteja

Superomniphobic surfaces: Design and durability

Journal Article published May 2013 in MRS Bulletin volume 38 issue 05 on pages 383 to 390

Authors: Arun K. Kota, Wonjae Choi, Anish Tuteja

Electric field computation inside a rectangular petrol tank

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in Journal of Electrostatics volume 71 issue 3 on pages 332 to 335

Authors: Dan D. Micu, Dan Micu

Investigation of wetting hydrodynamics using numerical simulations

Journal Article published Feb 1996 in Physics of Fluids volume 8 issue 2 on pages 302 to 309

Authors: David E. Finlow, Prakash R. Kota, Arijit Bose

Single-particle entropy in(1+2)-body random matrix ensembles

Journal Article published 24 Sep 2002 in Physical Review E volume 66 issue 3

Authors: V. K. B. Kota, R. Sahu

Electron correlation effects in N2and CO studied by X-ray scattering and CISD calculations

Journal Article published 10 Sep 2002 in Molecular Physics volume 100 issue 17 on pages 2839 to 2847