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Synthesis, DNA/BSA binding and DNA photocleavage properties of water soluble BODIPY dyes

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Dyes and Pigments volume 148 on pages 417 to 428

Research funded by Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi

Authors: Zekeriya Biyiklioglu, Burak Barut, Arzu Özel

Fine coal recovery from washery tailings in Turkey by oil agglomeration

Journal Article published Mar 2018 in Powder Technology volume 327 on pages 29 to 42

Research funded by Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi (BAP-01 9661)

Authors: Özüm Yaşar, Tuncay Uslu, Ercan Şahinoğlu

Synthesis and Characterization of Dithienothiophene, Bithiazole and Thiophene Containing Polymer

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Electrochimica Acta volume 227 on pages 435 to 446

Research funded by Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi | Unsped Global Logistic

Authors: B. Ustamehmetoğlu, I. Osken, M.E. Cinar, E. Sezer, E. Karaca, T. Ozturk

Measurements and empirical correlations in predicting biodiesel-diesel blends’ viscosity and density

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Fuel volume 199 on pages 567 to 577

Research funded by Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi

Authors: Mert Gülüm, Atilla Bilgin

Non-aggregated zwitterionic Zinc(II) phthalocyanine complexes in water with high singlet oxygen quantum yield

Journal Article published Jan 2019 in Dyes and Pigments volume 160 on pages 267 to 284

Research funded by Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi (10580)

Authors: Gülsev Dilber, Mahmut Durmuş, Halit Kantekin

A comparative study on DNA/BSA binding, DNA photocleavage and antioxidant activities of water soluble peripherally and non-peripherally tetra-3-pyridin-3-ylpropoxy-substituted Mn(III), Cu(II) phthalocyanines

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Dyes and Pigments volume 139 on pages 575 to 586

Research funded by Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi

Authors: Turgut Keleş, Burak Barut, Zekeriya Biyiklioglu, Arzu Özel

Decomposition of ammonia: The effect of syngas components on the activity of zeolite Hβ supported iron catalyst

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 171 on pages 440 to 450

Research funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey | Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Authors: Alper Sarıoğlan, Yeliz Durak-Çetin, Hasancan Okutan, Fehmi Akgün

Investigation of boiling heat transfer characteristics of R134a flowing in smooth and microfin tubes

Journal Article published Apr 2018 in International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer volume 93 on pages 21 to 33

Research funded by Yildiz Teknik Üniversitesi (2013-06-01-KAP01)

Authors: Ali Celen, Alican Çebi, Ahmet Selim Dalkılıç

Synthesis and electrochemical polymerization of D-A-D type monomers with thieno[3,4- c ]pyrrole-4,6-dione acceptor unit

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Dyes and Pigments volume 158 on pages 175 to 182

Research funded by Atilim Üniversitesi (ATÜ-BAP-A-1314-01) | Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (METU BAP-07-02-2017-004-130)

Authors: Deniz Çakal, Salih Ertan, Atilla Cihaner, Ahmet M. Önal

Experimental investigation of the effects of ammonia solution (NH 3 OH) on engine performance and exhaust emissions of a small diesel engine

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Fuel volume 214 on pages 330 to 341

Research funded by Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi

Authors: Zehra Şahin, İmdat Ziya Akcanca, Orhan Durgun