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Immunologic aspects of ozena

Journal Article published Apr 1984 in Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology volume 239 issue 3 on pages 249 to 253

Authors: P. Sipil�, K. Hyrynkangas

Late hearing results after paraffinplasty or silastic sheeting

Journal Article published Dec 1981 in Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology volume 233 issue 3 on pages 251 to 260

Authors: Kauko Ojala, Martti Sorri, Pekka Sipil�, Juhani Vainio-Matila

Use of Percutaneous Estrogen Gel for Induction of Puberty in Girls With Turner Syndrome

Journal Article published Feb 2005 in Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey volume 60 issue 2 on pages 102 to 103

Authors: Kl S. Piippo, H Lenko, P Kainulainen, I Sipil??

MRI quality control: six imagers studied using eleven unified image quality parameters

Journal Article published 3 Mar 2004 in European Radiology volume 14 issue 10

Authors: T. Ihalainen, O. Sipil�, S. Savolainen

T lymphocytes in the effusions of secretory otitis media

Journal Article published 1978 in Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology volume 220 issue 3 on pages 163 to 165

Authors: P. Sipil�, P. Ryh�nen, P. Karma

Decreasing Incidence and Improved Survival of Laryngeal Cancer in Finland

Journal Article published Jan 2001 in Acta Oncologica volume 40 issue 7 on pages 791 to 795

Authors: Heikki Teppo, Petri Koivunen, Sampsa Sipil

Panendoscopy and synchronous second primary tumors in head and neck cancer patients

Journal Article published 5 Mar 2004 in European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology volume 262 issue 1 on pages 17 to 20

Authors: Kimmo Hujala, Jukka Sipil�, Reidar Grenman

Evaluation of direct membrane filtration and direct forward osmosis as concepts for compact and energy-positive municipal wastewater treatment

Journal Article published 15 Mar 2017 in Environmental Technology on pages 1 to 13

Research funded by VINNOVA | Sweden Water Research AB | VA-teknik Södra, Danish Innovation Foundation | VA-teknik Södra | VA SYD | Svenskt Vatten | Danish Innovation Foundation

Authors: Tobias Hey, Niada Bajraktari, Åsa Davidsson, Jörg Vogel, Henrik Tækker Madsen, Claus Hélix-Nielsen, Jes la Cour Jansen, Karin Jönsson

Effects of power training on mechanical efficiency in jumping

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2004 in European Journal of Applied Physiology volume 91 issue 2-3 on pages 155 to 159

Authors: P. V. Komi, H. Kyr�l�inen, J. Avela, J. M. McBride, S. Koskinen, J. L. Andersen, S. Sipil�, T. E. S. Takala

Muscle strength in male athletes aged 70?81 years and a population sample

Journal Article published Nov 1991 in European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology volume 63 issue 5 on pages 399 to 403

Authors: Sarianna Sipil�, Jukka Viitasalo, Pertti Era, Harri Suominen