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A new Bandung?

Journal Article published Oct 2008 in Futures volume 40 issue 8 on pages 721 to 734

Authors: Ravi Arvind Palat

The Asian-African Conference. Bandung, Indonesia, April 1955.

Journal Article published Sep 1956 in Pacific Affairs volume 29 issue 3 on page 272

Authors: W. F. Wertheim, George McTurnan Kahin, A. Appadorai

Von Lenin zu Mao: Kommunismus in der Bandung-Ära

Journal Article published Jul 1957 in International Affairs volume 33 issue 3 on pages 332 to 333

Authors: G. L. Arnold

The Colour Curtain: A Report on the Bandung Conference

Journal Article published Oct 1956 in International Affairs volume 32 issue 4 on pages 520 to 520

Authors: Saul Rose

The Struggle for Indochina Continues: Geneva to Bandung

Journal Article published Apr 1956 in International Affairs volume 32 issue 2 on pages 261 to 261

Authors: J. Donald Lancaster

"The Compelling Dialogue of Freedom": Human Rights at the Bandung Conference

Journal Article published 2006 in Human Rights Quarterly volume 28 issue 4 on pages 947 to 965

Authors: Roland Burke

Bandung and beyond’: Rethinking Afro-Asian connections during the twentieth century

Journal Article published 14 Sep 2005 in African Affairs volume 104 issue 417 on pages 683 to 684

Authors: Christopher J. Lee

Diplomacy As Theatre: Staging the Bandung Conference of 1955

Journal Article published 22 Jul 2013 in Modern Asian Studies volume 48 issue 01 on pages 225 to 252


The Spirit of Bandung and the struggle for freedom in South Africa

Journal Article published 7 Aug 2002 in Verbum et Ecclesia volume 23 issue 2

Authors: M. Masango

Remaking Bandung 60 years on

Journal Article published 3 Jun 2016 in Global Change, Peace & Security volume 28 issue 3 on pages 307 to 315

Authors: Bill Durodié