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Synthesis and Electroluminescence Studies of the New Iridium(III) Complexes with 2-Phenyl-1-pyrroline Ligands

Journal Article published 7 Sep 2006 in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics volume 45 issue 9A on pages 7121 to 7125

Authors: Hsiao-Wen Hong, Teng-Ming Chen

Some New Techniques in Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) Application to Surface Structure Studies

Journal Article published Jun 1977 in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics volume 16 issue 6 on pages 891 to 908

Authors: Shozo Ino

Studies on Superconducting V3Si Tapes Made by a New Process

Journal Article published Jul 1973 in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics volume 12 issue 7 on pages 1107 to 1108

Authors: Kyōji Tachikawa, Yūji Yoshida

XAFS Studies of Vanadium in the Polychaete WormPseudopotamilla Occelata, a New Vanadium Accumulator

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1993 in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics volume 32 issue S2 on page 559

Authors: Izumi Nakai, Chiya Numako, Kenji Okoshi, Toshiaki Ishii

A New Method of Holographic Interferometry for Practical Vibration Studies

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1975 in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics volume 14 issue S1 on page 271

Authors: Masayoshi Murata

Some new japanese patents

Journal Article published May 1984 in Applied Catalysis volume 10 issue 2 on page 264

Japanese-style management, product design and corporate strategy

Journal Article published Jan 1985 in Design Studies volume 6 issue 1 on pages 25 to 33

Authors: Bill Evans

Religious Voices Count: The New Openness to Spiritual Questions in the Sciences

Journal Article published Oct 1999 in Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society volume 19 issue 5 on pages 416 to 423

Authors: Philip Clayton

Design studies— the new capability

Journal Article published Jul 1979 in Design Studies volume 1 issue 1 on page 2

Voices in Command

Journal Article published 3 Apr 1993 in Science News volume 143 issue 14 on page 222

Authors: Ivars Peterson