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The Limits of Interdependence: Cooperation and Conflict in Sino-Japanese Relations

Journal Article published Jan 2014 in New Voices volume 6 on pages 51 to 89

Authors: Adam Eldridge, Monash University

Gairaigo in Japanese Foreign Language Learning: A Tool for Native English Speakers?

Journal Article published Jan 2014 in New Voices volume 6 on pages 117 to 143

Authors: Niamh Champ, University of Queensland

New Voices in the Tradition: Medieval Hagiography Revisited

Journal Article published Dec 2002 in Theological Studies volume 63 issue 4 on pages 690 to 710

Authors: Marie Anne Mayeski

Book Review: "Inter-religious Dialogue: Voices From A New Frontier"

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1991 in Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies volume 4 issue 1

Authors: Anand Amaladass

New Voices

Journal Article published Aug 2001 in Irish Studies Review volume 9 issue 2 on pages 247 to 249

Authors: Bruce Stewart

Enthusiasm for Steinbeck Continues. .. From Familiar Voices and New

Journal Article published 2004 in Steinbeck Studies volume 15 issue 2 on pages 175 to 185

Authors: Greta Manville

New Voices

Journal Article published Mar 1970 in English Studies in Africa volume 13 issue 1 on pages 139 to 154


Rethinking International Relations in New Indian Voices

Journal Article published Jul 2013 in International Studies volume 50 issue 3 on pages 203 to 208

Authors: Archna Negi

Voices from the outside: Towards a new internationalist localism

Journal Article published Oct 1992 in Cultural Studies volume 6 issue 3 on pages 476 to 484

Authors: Kuan-Hsing Chen

Beckett's "Dead Voices" in "Waiting for Godot": New Inhabitants of Dante's "Inferno"

Journal Article published 1982 in Modern Language Studies volume 12 issue 2 on page 48

Authors: Lois A. Cuddy