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Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and sleep

Journal Article published Mar 2018 in Epilepsy & Behavior volume 80 on pages 326 to 330

Authors: Lin Xu, Dan Guo, Yan-yan Liu, Dan-dan Qiao, Jing-yi Ye, Rong Xue

EHMTI-0063. The migraine disability assessment (MIDAS) questionnaire: translation, validation and reliability of Bahasa Melayu version

Journal Article published 18 Sep 2014 in The Journal of Headache and Pain volume 15 issue S1

Authors: MM Shaik, NB Hassan, HL Tan, SH Gan

Improvement in upper-limb UPDRS motor scores following fast-paced arm exercise: A pilot study

Journal Article published 22 Jul 2018 in Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience volume 36 issue 4 on pages 535 to 545

Authors: Shelly Levy-Tzedek, Dan Arbelle, Dan Forman, Yair Zlotnik

Genetics Of Agranulocytosis Under Clozapine

Journal Article published 2017 in European Neuropsychopharmacology volume 27 on page S495

Authors: Dan Rujescu

Cryptococcal skull granuloma

Journal Article published May 1981 in Journal of Neurosurgery on pages 690 to 692

Authors: Dan C. Galloway, Sydney S. Schochet

Ladislau Steiner, 1920–2013

Journal Article published Sep 2013 in Journal of Neurosurgery on pages 785 to 788

Authors: Dan Leksell, Christer E. H. Lindquist

Cervical spine trauma in children: a review

Journal Article published Feb 2006 in Neurosurgical Focus on pages 1 to 8

Authors: Todd McCall, Dan Fassett, Douglas Brockmeyer

Phosphorylation of SET mediates apoptosis via P53 hyperactivation and NM23-H1 nuclear import

Journal Article published Sep 2018 in Neurobiology of Aging volume 69 on pages 38 to 47

Authors: Mengjuan Wu, Guang Yu, Tonghai Yan, Dan Ke, Qun Wang, Rong Liu, Jian-Zhi Wang, Bin Zhang, Dan Chen, Xiaochuan Wang

Selective dopamine receptor 4 activation mediates the hippocampal neuronal calcium response via IP 3 and ryanodine receptors

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in Brain Research volume 1670 on pages 1 to 5

Authors: Ya-Li Wang, Jian-Gang Wang, Fang-Li Guo, Xia-Huan Gao, Dan-Dan Zhao, Lin Zhang, Jian-Zhi Wang, Cheng-Biao Lu

P211 – 1968 Spatial patterning of oscillatory activities recorded by high-density electroencephalography in newborn infants

Journal Article published Sep 2013 in European Journal of Paediatric Neurology volume 17 on page S111

Authors: K Pelc, AM Cebolla, J Dan, L Dewulf, AB Johansson, G Cheron, B Dan