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Antiproliferative effect of p -Coumaric acid targets UPR activation by downregulating Grp78 in colon cancer

Journal Article published Aug 2018 in Chemico-Biological Interactions volume 291 on pages 16 to 28

Research funded by Department of Science and Technology (SB/YS/LS-187/2014) | SASTRA Deemed University (R&M/0021/SCBT-007/2012–13)

Authors: Sharada H. Sharma, Vinothkumar Rajamanickam, Sangeetha Nagarajan

Novel two-stage solid-state fermentation for erythritol production on okara–buckwheat husk medium

Journal Article published Jul 2018 in Bioresource Technology

Authors: Liu Xiaoyan, Yu Xinjun, Zhang tong, Wang Zhipeng, Xu Jiaxing, Xia Jun, He Aiyong, Yan Yubo, Xu Jiming

A novel case using femtosecond laser-acquired lenticule for recurrent pterygium: case report and literature review

Journal Article published 16 Apr 2018 in Journal of International Medical Research volume 46 issue 6 on pages 2474 to 2480

Research funded by Dan-dan Zhou (JDYY72016055) | Ji-long Hao (20110461, 2015Y031-1)

Authors: Om Prakash Pant, Ji-long Hao, Dan-dan Zhou, Fan Wang, Cheng-wei Lu

Potassium-Zincate-Catalyzed Benzylic C−H Bond Addition of Diarylmethanes to Styrenes

Journal Article published 21 Feb 2018 in Angewandte Chemie volume 130 issue 27 on pages 8377 to 8381

Authors: Yu-Feng Liu, Dan-Dan Zhai, Xiang-Yu Zhang, Bing-Tao Guan

HPV6 and HPV11 Genome Methylation in Condyloma AccuminatumMeasured by Bisulfite Sequencing

Journal Article published May 2018 in The American Journal of Dermatopathology on page 1

Authors: Dan-Dan Wu, Fu-Quan Long, Jing Gao, Li Zhong, Chang Sun


Journal Article published 30 Jun 2014 in Clujul Medical volume 87 issue 2 on page 106

Authors: Adrian Todor, Dan Nistor, Cristian Buescu, Adina Pojar, Dan Lucaciu

A comparative study on different metal loaded soybean milk by-product ‘okara’ for biosorption of phosphorus from aqueous solution

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in Bioresource Technology volume 169 on pages 291 to 298

Research funded by Centre for Technology in Water and Wastewater | School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Technology, Sydney | Australian Government

Authors: T.A.H. Nguyen, H.H. Ngo, W.S. Guo, T.V. Nguyen, J. Zhang, S. Liang, S.S. Chen, N.C. Nguyen

Ten years after

Journal Article published 30 Jan 2018 in Clujul Medical volume 91 issue 1 on page 5

Authors: Dan L. Dumitrascu

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Journal Article published Aug 2002 in The Lancet volume 360 issue 9330 on pages 397 to 405

Authors: Dan J Stein

Laparoscopic surgery

Journal Article published Mar 2001 in The Lancet volume 357 issue 9261 on page 1045

Authors: Luc-Marie Joly, Dan Benhamou