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Optimization of substrate temperature and characterization of tin oxide based transparent conducting thin films for application in dye-sensitized solar cells

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Thin Solid Films volume 631 on pages 1 to 11

Research funded by DST - SERB, India (SB/FTP/PS-038/2013) | SASTRA - TRR (SASTRA/SEEE/KJ/TRR-1, SASTRA/SEEE/KJ/TRR-2)

Authors: Karthick P., Divya Vijayanarayanan, Sridharan M., Ananth Kumar R.T., Sanjeeviraja C., Jeyadheepan K.

Structure of the glaze-porcelain intermediate layer

Journal Article published Feb 1978 in Glass and Ceramics volume 35 issue 2 on pages 99 to 101

Authors: I. M. Mironov, V. V. Kovalenko, N. P. Sokiran, I. M. Bogodist, M. I. Okara

Multifunctional antioxidant activity of polysaccharide fractions from the soybean byproduct okara

Journal Article published Sep 2010 in Carbohydrate Polymers volume 82 issue 2 on pages 245 to 250

Authors: I. Mateos-Aparicio, C. Mateos-Peinado, A. Jiménez-Escrig, P. Rupérez

Nano-scale preparation of Titanium dioxide by Desmodium gangeticum root aqueous extract

Journal Article published Sep 2014 in Ceramics International volume 40 issue 8 on pages 11933 to 11940

Research funded by Management of SASTRA University, Thanjavur

Authors: K.S. Jamuna, Shakila Banu, P. Brindha, Gino A. Kurian

Ceramics based on cordierite for the production of chemical apparatus

Journal Article published Jan 1986 in Glass and Ceramics volume 43 issue 1 on pages 37 to 40

Authors: I. M. Borodist, E. K. Meninnik, V. P. Kovalenko, R. V. Komova, M. I. Okara, A. N. Kuznichenko, I. V. Morgun

Effect of nickel doping on structural, optical, electrical and ethanol sensing properties of spray deposited nanostructured ZnO thin films

Journal Article published Jul 2014 in Ceramics International volume 40 issue 6 on pages 7993 to 8001

Research funded by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi, India (INT/SWD/VINN/P-04/2011) | SASTRA University

Authors: Indumathy Muniyandi, Ganesh Kumar Mani, Prabakaran Shankar, John Bosco Balaguru Rayappan

Triphenylamine based new Schiff base ligand: Solvent dependent selective fluorescence sensing of Mg 2+ and Fe 3+ ions

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in Inorganic Chemistry Communications volume 48 on pages 1 to 4

Research funded by Department of Science and Technology, Republic of South Africa (SR/FT/CS-03/2011 (G), SR/FST/ETI-284/2011(c)) | SASTRA University (TRR Scheme)

Authors: P.S. Hariharan, Natarajan Hari, Savarimuthu Philip Anthony

Optoelectronic properties of R-F magnetron sputtered Cadmium Tin Oxide (Cd2SnO4) thin films for CdS/CdTe thin film solar cell applications

Journal Article published Jan 2015 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 620 on pages 185 to 191

Research funded by SASTRA University

Authors: K. Jeyadheepan, M. Thamilselvan, Kyunghae Kim, Junsin Yi, C. Sanjeeviraja

Effect of NaeI-L43K mutation on protein dynamics and DNA conformation: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling volume 76 on pages 456 to 465

Research funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST) (SB/FT/LS-436/2012, SR/FST/ETI-349/2013) | SASTRA University

Authors: Sreelakshmi Ramachandrakurup, Vigneshwar Ramakrishnan

Nanostructured perovskite CdTiO3 films for methane sensing

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical volume 222 on pages 987 to 993

Research funded by Defence Research Development Organization, Govt. India (0903810-1229) | SASTRA University

Authors: P. Dhivya, Arun K. Prasad, M. Sridharan