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Functional Evolution of a Multigene Family: Orthologous and Paralogous Pheromone Receptor Genes in the Turnip Moth, Agrotis segetum

Journal Article published 10 Oct 2013 in PLoS ONE volume 8 issue 10 on page e77345

Authors: Dan-Dan Zhang, Christer Löfstedt

Editors: Claude Wicker-Thomas

Mapping Hydrophobicity on the Protein Molecular Surface at Atom-Level Resolution

Journal Article published 2 Dec 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 12 on page e114042

Authors: Dan V. Nicolau Jr., Ewa Paszek, Florin Fulga, Dan V. Nicolau

Editors: Paolo Carloni

Protein Molecular Surface Mapped at Different Geometrical Resolutions

Journal Article published 14 Mar 2013 in PLoS ONE volume 8 issue 3 on page e58896

Authors: Dan V. Nicolau, Ewa Paszek, Florin Fulga, Dan V. Nicolau

Editors: Franca Fraternali

Effect of Tetrandrine against Candida albicans Biofilms

Journal Article published 18 Nov 2013 in PLoS ONE volume 8 issue 11 on page e79671

Authors: Lan-Xue Zhao, De-Dong Li, Dan-Dan Hu, Gan-Hai Hu, Lan Yan, Yan Wang, Yuan-Ying Jiang

Editors: Tom Coenye

Mitochondrial DNA Variation, but Not Nuclear DNA, Sharply Divides Morphologically Identical Chameleons along an Ancient Geographic Barrier

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 3 on page e31372

Authors: Dan Bar Yaacov, Karmit Arbel-Thau, Yael Zilka, Ofer Ovadia, Amos Bouskila, Dan Mishmar

Editors: William J. Etges

pVHL Mediates K63-Linked Ubiquitination of nCLU

Journal Article published 20 Apr 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 4 on page e35848

Authors: Jing Xue, Dan-dan Lv, Shi Jiao, Wenting Zhao, Xuebing Li, Heng Sun, Bing Yan, Li Fan, Rong-gui Hu, Jing Fang

Editors: Marianne Koritzinsky

Population Genetics of Two Asexually and Sexually Reproducing Psocids Species Inferred by the Analysis of Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA Sequences

Journal Article published 27 Mar 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 3 on page e33883

Authors: Dan-Dan Wei, Ming-Long Yuan, Bao-Jun Wang, An-Wei Zhou, Wei Dou, Jin-Jun Wang

Editors: Keith A. Crandall

Rhabdastrellic Acid-A Induced Autophagy-Associated Cell Death through Blocking Akt Pathway in Human Cancer Cells

Journal Article published 17 Aug 2010 in PLoS ONE volume 5 issue 8 on page e12176

Authors: Dan-Dan Li, Jing-Feng Guo, Jia-Jia Huang, Lin-Lin Wang, Rong Deng, Jian-Nan Liu, Gong-Kan Feng, Ding-Jun Xiao, Song-Zhi Deng, Xiao-Shi Zhang, Xiao-Feng Zhu

Editors: Gian Maria Fimia

The Episode of Genetic Drift Defining the Migration of Humans out of Africa Is Derived from a Large East African Population Size

Journal Article published 20 May 2014 in PLoS ONE volume 9 issue 5 on page e97674

Authors: Nuha Elhassan, Eyoab Iyasu Gebremeskel, Mohamed Ali Elnour, Dan Isabirye, John Okello, Ayman Hussien, Dominic Kwiatksowski, Jibril Hirbo, Sara Tishkoff, Muntaser E. Ibrahim

Editors: Dan Mishmar

A Simple and Robust Vector-Based shRNA Expression System Used for RNA Interference

Journal Article published 6 Feb 2013 in PLoS ONE volume 8 issue 2 on page e56110

Authors: Xue-jun Wang, Ying Li, Hai Huang, Xiu-juan Zhang, Pei-wen Xie, Wei Hu, Dan-dan Li, Sheng-qi Wang

Editors: Kylene Kehn-Hall