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Effect of using okara meal, a by-product from soymilk production as a dietary protein source for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) mono-sex males

Journal Article published 18 Oct 2010 in Aquaculture Nutrition volume 17 issue 4 on pages 380 to 386

Authors: D.M.S.D. EL-SAIDY


Journal Article published Jan 2009 in Journal of Muscle Foods volume 20 issue 1 on pages 89 to 100


Hydration properties, soymilk and okara yield of soybean affected by agronomic factors

Journal Article published 1 May 2002 in Nahrung/Food volume 46 issue 3 on page 141

Authors: M. Alpaslan, M. Hayta

Effect of Okara on Textural, Color and Rheological Properties of Pork Meat Gels

Journal Article published 21 Jul 2014 in Journal of Food Quality volume 37 issue 5 on pages 339 to 348

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (31172294) | The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (2013PY096) | the Ministry of Scientific and Technology China (2012BAD28B06)

Authors: Tong Chang, Chenjie Wang, Shuilian Wang, Liu Shi, Hong Yang, Min Cui

Effect of okara dietary fiber on the properties of starch-based films

Journal Article published 5 Sep 2017 in Starch - Stärke volume 69 issue 11-12 on page 1700053

Research funded by Research Foundation for Youth Scholars of Beijing Technology and Business University (No. QNJJ2015-18) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (31501435)

Authors: Zong-qiang Fu, Min Wu, Xiao-yu Han, Lei Xu

Effect of Particle Sizes of Soy Okara on Textural, Color, Sensory and Rheological Properties of Pork Meat Gels

Journal Article published 3 Jul 2015 in Journal of Food Quality volume 38 issue 4 on pages 248 to 255

Research funded by the Ministry of Scientific and Technology, China (No. 2012BAD28B06)

Authors: Shuilian Wang, Tong Chang, Chenjie Wang, Liu Shi, Wei Wang, Hong Yang, Min Cui

Quality assessment of dried okara as a source of production of gluten-free flour

Journal Article published 14 Dec 2016 in Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture volume 97 issue 9 on pages 2934 to 2941

Research funded by SCyT, UNSL (2-3114) | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (2012-0155) | Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica

Authors: María V Ostermann-Porcel, Ana N Rinaldoni, Laura T Rodriguez-Furlán, Mercedes E Campderrós

Valorization of Wet Okara, a Value-Added Functional Ingredient, in a Coconut-Based Baked Snack

Journal Article published May 2013 in Cereal Chemistry Journal volume 90 issue 3 on pages 256 to 262

Authors: Olga Radočaj, Etelka Dimić

Emulsifying and Foaming Properties of Okara Protein Hydrolysates

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Cereal Chemistry Journal volume 93 issue 1 on pages 71 to 76

Authors: Ellen Fierens, Kristof Brijs, Jan A. Delcour

Modification of Proteins from Soymilk Residue (Okara) by Trypsin

Journal Article published Sep 1999 in Journal of Food Science volume 64 issue 5 on pages 781 to 786

Authors: W.-M. Chan, C.-Y. Ma