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Typical Performance, Maximal Performance, and Performance Variability: Expanding Our Understanding of How Organizations Value Performance

Journal Article published 23 May 2007 in Human Performance volume 20 issue 3 on pages 259 to 274

Authors: Christopher M. Barnes, Frederick P. Morgeson


Journal Article published Sep 2002 in Human Performance volume 15 issue 4 on pages 411 to 411

Authors: The Editors of Human Performance The Editors of Human Performance

The Culture of Performance, Performing and Performance Arts

Journal Article published Jan 2006 in Performance Research volume 11 issue 2 on pages 108 to 109

Authors: Boris Nieslony

Tait, Peta (2013) ‘Performance couplings’,Performance Research18(2): 139–140

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in Performance Research volume 18 issue 3 on pages ii to ii

Performance Research : On Poetics and Performance

Journal Article published 2 Jan 2015 in Performance Research volume 20 issue 1 on pages 140 to 141

Performance Research : On Trans/Performance

Journal Article published 2 Sep 2016 in Performance Research volume 21 issue 5 on pages 148 to 150

Performance Measurement, Accountability, and Improved Performance

Journal Article published Jun 2002 in Public Performance & Management Review volume 25 issue 4 on pages 370 to 374

Authors: Arie Halachmi

Archiving Performance/Performance as Archive:A Hybrid Book Review and Performance Commentary on E. Patrick Johnson'sSweet Tea

Journal Article published Jul 2012 in Text and Performance Quarterly volume 32 issue 3 on pages 269 to 284

Authors: Bryant Keith Alexander

Coming to Performance Studies: A Special Section ofText and Performance Quarterly's Performance Space

Journal Article published Jan 2013 in Text and Performance Quarterly volume 33 issue 1 on pages 1 to 1

Permanent Performance

Journal Article published Dec 2012 in Performance Research volume 17 issue 6 on pages 14 to 21

Authors: Dieter Lesage