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Task <span class="hl">performance</span> on constrained reconstructions: human observer <span class="hl">performance</span> compared with suboptimal Bayesian <span class="hl">performance</span>

Conference Paper published 1 Jun 1992 in Medical Imaging VI: Image Processing

Authors: Robert F. Wagner, Kyle J. Myers, Kenneth M. Hanson

Editors: Murray H. Loew

Cognitive performance baseline measurement and eye movement performance measures

Conference Paper published 23 May 2005 in Biomonitoring for Physiological and Cognitive Performance during Military Operations

Authors: Erik S. Viirre, Bradley Chase, Yi-Fang Tsai

Editors: John A. Caldwell, Nancy Jo Wesensten

Comparing the performance of two observers using a novel utility-based performance metric for ROC analysis

Conference Paper published 26 Feb 2009 in Medical Imaging 2009: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment

Authors: Darrin C. Edwards, Charles E. Metz

Editors: Berkman Sahiner, David J. Manning


Chapter published in Introduction to Image Stabilization on pages 61 to 67

Limits on high-<span class="hl">performance</span> applications

Conference Paper published 27 Jul 2001 in Commercial Applications for High-Performance Computing

Authors: Jerry L. Potter

Editors: Howard J. Siegel

On-line beam <span class="hl">performance</span> monitoring to improve laser reliability and <span class="hl">performance</span>

Conference Paper published 5 Jun 2002 in Laser Resonators and Beam Control V

Authors: Lawrence I. Green

Editors: Alexis V. Kudryashov

<span class="hl">Performance</span> implications of very large service-time variances

Conference Paper published 7 Oct 1998 in Performance and Control of Network Systems II

Authors: Daniel P. Heyman

Editors: Wai Sum Lai, Robert B. Cooper

Performance modeling of pulsed short-arc xenon flashlamps

Conference Paper published 26 Jan 2004 in Optical Modeling and Performance Predictions

Authors: David A. Jacobsen

Editors: Mark A. Kahan

Optical performance as a function of dynamic mechanical loading

Conference Paper published 26 Jan 2004 in Optical Modeling and Performance Predictions

Authors: Victor L. Genberg, Keith B. Doyle, Gregory J. Michels

Editors: Mark A. Kahan

Optical performance assessment under environmental and mechanical perturbations in large, deployable telescopes

Conference Paper published 18 Aug 2005 in Optical Modeling and Performance Predictions II

Authors: Christopher Folley, Allen Bronowicki

Editors: Mark A. Kahan