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Person Deixis in English Translation of Summarized Shahih Al-Bukhari Hadith in the Book of As-Salat

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2018 in Advances in Language and Literary Studies volume 9 issue 1 on page 40

Authors: Siska Pratiwi


Journal Article published 10 Dec 2016 in Jurnal Ushuluddin volume 24 issue 2 on page 162

Authors: Agus Firdaus Chandra, Buchari M

Sequential pattern mining of rawi hadis (Case study: Shahih hadis of Imam Bukhari from software Ensiklopedi Hadis Kitab 9 Imam)

Conference Paper published 2017

Authors: Sekti Kartika Dini, Muhammad Nur Aidi, Bagus Sartono

Hadith degree classification for Shahih Hadith identification web based

Conference Paper published Aug 2017 in 2017 5th International Conference on Cyber and IT Service Management (CITSM)

Authors: Ina Najiyah, Sari Susanti, Dwiza Riana, Mochammad Wahyudi

Histori Hadits Karya Imam Muslim: Peran Penting Kitab Hadits Shahih Muslim dalam Mendefinisikan Pendidikan

Journal Article published 11 Apr 2016 in Didaktika Religia volume 4 issue 1 on pages 107 to 134

Authors: Muhammad Asrori Ma'sum

Developmental Patterns And Processes In Islamicate Civilization And The Impact Of Modernization

Chapter published in The Benefit of Broad Horizons on pages 205 to 226

Authors: Said A. Arjomand

Islamicate Celestial Globes: Their History, Construction, and Use

Journal Article published Jul 1988 in Technology and Culture volume 29 issue 3 on page 670

Authors: Donald R. Hill, Emilie Savage-Smith

The Two Ibn Sīnās: Negotiating Literature

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2018 in Intellectual History of the Islamicate World volume 6 issue 1-2 on pages 1 to 26

Authors: M.A. Mujeeb Khan

Islamicate Cultures of Bombay Cinema – By Ira Bhaskar and Richard Allen

Journal Article published Dec 2009 in Religious Studies Review volume 35 issue 4 on pages 301 to 301

Authors: Pankaj Jain

Documenting the Uprising, the Revolution, and the Emerging Opposition

Chapter published 6 Apr 2012 in A Social History of Iranian Cinema, Volume 3 on pages 47 to 113

Authors: Hamid Naficy