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Potential antiinflammatory agents. Aralkoxyhydrouracils and aralkoxyhydantoins

Journal Article published Nov 1970 in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry volume 13 issue 6 on pages 1067 to 1071

Authors: Leon Simet, D. B. Reisner, Bernard J. Ludwig, F. Duersch, Frank Milan Berger

Mechanisms of Cancer Prevention by Green and Black Tea Polyphenols

Journal Article published 1 Sep 2006 in Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry volume 6 issue 5 on pages 389 to 406

Authors: Lisa Ann Beltz, Diana Kay Bayer, Amber Lynn Moss, Ira Mitchell Simet

Synthesis and hypoglycemic activity of substituted alkyl- and alkoxyguanidines

Journal Article published Jan 1970 in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry volume 13 issue 1 on pages 60 to 63

Authors: Bernard J. Ludwig, David B. Reisner, Mervin Meyer, Leo S. Powell, Leon Simet, Frank J. Stiefel

Peripherally Cross-Linking the Shell of Core-Shell Polymer Micelles Decreases Premature Release of Physically Loaded Combretastatin A4 in Whole Blood and Increases its Mean Residence Time and Subsequent Potency Against Primary Murine Breast Tumors After IV Administration

Journal Article published 16 Sep 2014 in Pharmaceutical Research volume 32 issue 3 on pages 1028 to 1044

Authors: Rajesh R. Wakaskar, Sai Praneeth R. Bathena, Shailendra B. Tallapaka, Vishakha V. Ambardekar, Nagsen Gautam, Rhishikesh Thakare, Samantha M. Simet, Stephen M. Curran, Rakesh K. Singh, Yuxiang Dong, Joseph A. Vetro