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Società Industriale Metallurgica di Napoli (SIMET) and Others v. The High Authority.

Chapter published in International Law Reports on pages 382 to 390

Editors: E. Lauterpacht

Planetary gentrification

Journal Article published 23 Mar 2017 in Housing Studies volume 32 issue 4 on pages 543 to 545

Authors: Lena Simet

A Multi Material Shell Model for the Mechanical Analysis of Triaxial Braided Composites

Journal Article published 6 Mar 2017 in Applied Composite Materials

Research funded by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (MAT2012-37552) | Comunidad de Madrid (P2013/MIT-2775) | Cleansky (GA 686946 REDISH) | Airbus (SIMET & BLADE IMPACT, SIMET & BLADE IMPACT)

Authors: A. García-Carpintero, M. Herráez, J. Xu, C. S. Lopes, C. González

Art and Performance in Oceania (review)

Journal Article published 2001 in The Contemporary Pacific volume 13 issue 2 on pages 600 to 603

Authors: Jacob Simet

The Preparation of 6-Trifluoromethylisatin

Journal Article published Dec 1963 in The Journal of Organic Chemistry volume 28 issue 12 on pages 3580 to 3581

Authors: Leon Simet

Milky Way as a kiloparsec-scale axionscope

Journal Article published 11 Mar 2008 in Physical Review D volume 77 issue 6

Authors: Melanie Simet, Dan Hooper, Pasquale D. Serpico

Dietary antioxidants prevent alcohol-induced ciliary dysfunction

Journal Article published Dec 2013 in Alcohol volume 47 issue 8 on pages 629 to 635

Authors: Samantha M. Simet, Jacqueline A. Pavlik, Joseph H. Sisson

Alcohol-induced tight junction dysfunction primes airways for RSV infection

Journal Article published Nov 2013 in Alcohol volume 47 issue 7 on page 575

Authors: S.M. Simet, T.A. Wyatt, J.A. Pavlik, J.H. Sisson

Editorial Comment for Simet al.

Journal Article published Apr 2015 in Journal of Endourology volume 29 issue 4 on pages 390 to 390

Authors: Jeffrey S. Montgomery

The Politics of the Baining Fire Dance

Chapter published 17 Jul 2017 in A Distinctive Voice in the Antipodes: Essays in Honour of Stephen A. Wild on pages 251 to 266

Authors: Naomi Faik-Simet