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St. Thomas More: Action and Contemplation. Proceedings of the Symposium Held at St. John's University, October 9–10, 1970. Edited by Richard S. Sylvester. New Haven and London: Yale University Press for St. John's University, 1972. xi + 178 pp. $8.50.

Journal Article published Mar 1973 in Church History volume 42 issue 01 on page 133

Authors: Dewey D. Wallace

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Journal Article published Jun 1952 in Church History volume 21 issue 02 on page 171

Authors: Roland H. Bainton

Papal Enforcement of Some Medieval Marriage Laws By Charles Edward Smith. University, Louisiana: Louisiana State University Press, 1940. vii, 230 pages. $2.50.

Journal Article published Jun 1941 in Church History volume 10 issue 02 on page 186

Authors: W. E. Lunt

Journals of Charles Beatty, 1762-1769. Edited by Guy S. Klett. University Park, Pa.: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1962. 141 pp., Index. $6.00.

Journal Article published Jun 1964 in Church History volume 33 issue 02 on page 223

Authors: Elwyn A. Smith

The Crossroads of American History and Literature. By Philip F. Gura. University Park, Pa.: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996. xii + 286 pp.

Journal Article published Sep 1997 in Church History volume 66 issue 03 on page 609

Authors: David D. Hall

The Ladies of Zamora. By Peter Linehan. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997. xvi + 192 pp. $35.00 cloth.

Journal Article published Mar 1998 in Church History volume 67 issue 01 on page 141

Authors: Rebecca Moore

Luther and Learning: The Wittenberg University Luther Symposium. Edited by Marilyn J. Harran. Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania: Susquehanna University Press, 1985. 144 pp. $19.50.

Journal Article published Jun 1986 in Church History volume 55 issue 02 on page 230

Authors: Maria Grossman

William Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury 1381–1396. By Joseph Dahmus. University Park and London: The Pennsylvania University Press. 1966. 341 pp. $8.50.

Journal Article published Jun 1967 in Church History volume 36 issue 02 on page 219

Authors: John T. McNeill

The Ideas of Newman: Christianity and Human Religiosity. By Lee H. Yearley. University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1978. xii + 188 pp. $12.50.

Journal Article published Dec 1980 in Church History volume 49 issue 04 on page 472

Authors: Paul Misner

Octavius Brooks Frothingham, Gentle Radical. By J. Wade Caruthers. University, Alabama: University of Alabama Press, 1977. ix + 279 pp. $15.00.

Journal Article published Jun 1979 in Church History volume 48 issue 02 on page 216

Authors: Peter W. Williams