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Australian National University: University House

Journal Article published Sep 1953 in Nature volume 172 issue 4375 on pages 440 to 440

University Staffs and University Finance

Journal Article published Sep 1924 in Nature volume 114 issue 2865 on pages 453 to 454

University Admissions: Who will Get into University?

Journal Article published Oct 1968 in Nature volume 220 issue 5162 on pages 4 to 4

University College and the University of London

Journal Article published May 1902 in Nature volume 66 issue 1698 on pages 59 to 59

University of London: University College Centenary Addresses

Journal Article published Feb 1928 in Nature volume 121 issue 3043 on pages 271 to 274

Authors: T. LL. H.

New University Buildings at Cambridge: The New University Library

Journal Article published Oct 1934 in Nature volume 134 issue 3391 on pages 649 to 650

Authors: C. F.-C.

Turkey: Hacettepe University in Ankara

Journal Article published Jun 1968 in Nature volume 218 issue 5144 on pages 849 to 851


Department of Applied Statistics (Computing Section), University of London, University College: Tracts for Computers

Journal Article published Dec 1921 in Nature volume 108 issue 2720 on pages 495 to 495

Stanford University Publications, University Series: Mathematics and Astronomy

Journal Article published Sep 1921 in Nature volume 108 issue 2706 on pages 39 to 39


University College and the University of London

Journal Article published Dec 1898 in Nature volume 59 issue 1520 on pages 153 to 153