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Journal Article published Apr 1991 in African Affairs volume 90 issue 359 on pages 189 to 205


Progress and Power. By Carl L. Becker, John Stambaugh Professor of History, Cornell University. [Three Lectures delivered at Stanford University, April, 1935.] (Stanford University: University Press. 1936. Pp. x, 102. $1.50.)

Journal Article published Jul 1937 in The American Historical Review

Cornell University: Founders and the Founding; Six Lectures Delivered at Cornell University on the Messenger Foundation in the Year 1943. By Carl L. Becker, Professor Emeritus of History and University Historian in Cornell University. (Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 1943. Pp. viii, 240. $2.75.)

Journal Article published Apr 1944 in The American Historical Review

Semi-Centennial History of the University of Illinois. Volume I. The Movement for Industrial Education and the Establishment of the University. By Burt E. Powell, University Historian, with an Introduction by Edmund J. James, Ph.D., LL.D., fourth President of the University. (Urbana: the University. 1918. Pp. xxii, 631. $2.00.)

Journal Article published Jan 1919 in The American Historical Review

Induction of somatic mutations by low-dose X-rays: the challenge in recognizing radiation-induced events

Journal Article published 19 Oct 2017 in Journal of Radiation Research on pages 1 to 7

Research funded by Hiroshima University (JP24310038, JP26241013, JP16H04629, NIFS17KOCA002)

Authors: Haruki Nagashima, Kumiko Shiraishi, Saori Ohkawa, Yuki Sakamoto, Kenshi Komatsu, Shinya Matsuura, Akira Tachibana, Hiroshi Tauchi

Slow-Wave Sleep Is Associated With Incident Hypertension: The Sleep Heart Health Study

Journal Article published 26 Oct 2017 in Sleep volume 41 issue 1

Research funded by University of Washington (U01HL53941) | New York University (U01HL53937, U01HL64360) | Johns Hopkins University (U01HL63463) | Case Western Reserve University (U01HL63429) | Missouri Breaks Research (R24hl114473, T32HL007901) | University of Minnesota (U01HL53931) | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (U01HL53940) | University of California, Davis (U01HL53934) | Boston University (U01HL53938) | University of Arizona (U01HL53916)

Authors: Sogol Javaheri, Ying Y Zhao, Naresh M Punjabi, Stuart F Quan, Daniel J Gottlieb, Susan Redline

Papyri in the Princeton University Collections. Edited with Notes by Allan Chester Johnson, sometime Fellow in the Johns Hopkins University, Professor of Classics, Princeton University, and by Henry Bartlett Van Hoesen, Librarian at Brown University. Henry Bartlett Van Hoesen, Librarian at Brown University. [The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Archaeology, no. 10, edited by David M. Robinson.] (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. 1931. Pp. xxiii, 146. $7.50)

Journal Article published Oct 1931 in The American Historical Review

University-industry co-operation: The Coimbra University network of private non-profit institutions

Journal Article published Oct 1998 in Science and Public Policy

Montesquieu in America, 1760–1801. By Paul Merrill Spurlin, Department of Romance Languages, Louisiana State University. [Romance Languages Series.] (University: Louisiana State University Press. 1940. Pp. xi, 302. $3.00.)

Journal Article published Jan 1942 in The American Historical Review

Yankees at Louisbourg. by G. A. Rawlyk. [University of Maine Bulletin. University of Maine Studies, Second Series, Number 85.] (Orono: University of Maine Press. 1967. Pp. xviii, 209. $2.50)

Journal Article published Jun 1968 in The American Historical Review