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Risk assessment of heavy metals pollution at Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt

Journal Article published 2 Aug 2017 in International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology volume 15 issue 7 on pages 1393 to 1410

Authors: A. A. A. Romeh

845 Musculo-Skeletal Function Assesment in Hemophilia (A) Patients: A Cross Sectional Study in Zagazig University Hospital - Egypt

Journal Article published Nov 2010 in Pediatric Research volume 68 on pages 424 to 424

Authors: M Badr, T Hassan, S M Badawy

Antibacterial activity of methylated egg white proteins against pathogenic G+ and G− bacteria matching antibiotics

Journal Article published 4 Jul 2016 in SpringerPlus volume 5 issue 1

Research funded by Zagazig University

Authors: Seham Abdel-Shafi, Ali Osman, Gamal Enan, Mona El-Nemer, Mahmoud Sitohy

Production of the immunosuppressant cyclosporin A by a new soil isolate, Aspergillus fumigatus, in submerged culture

Journal Article published 19 Dec 2016 in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology volume 101 issue 8 on pages 3305 to 3317

Research funded by Zagazig University, Egypt ((ZU-1189-13))

Authors: Ahmed A. Ismaiel

Inhibition of Penicillium digitatum in vitro and in postharvest orange fruit by a soy protein fraction containing mainly β-conglycinin

Journal Article published 14 Oct 2016 in Journal of General Plant Pathology volume 82 issue 6 on pages 293 to 301

Research funded by Zagazig University

Authors: Ali Osman, Entsar Abbas, Samir Mahgoub, Mahmoud Sitohy

Pethidine versus morphine in postoperative pain relief of opioid-dependent patients in Zagazig University Hospital, Asharqia, Egypt

Journal Article published 7 Aug 2018 in Drugs & Therapy Perspectives volume 34 issue 10 on pages 484 to 487

Authors: Dalia M. Amin, Ahmed M. El Teliti

The antimitotic pyrimido[4,5-c]quinolin-1(2H)-one scaffold: probing substituents at position 3

Journal Article published 25 Jan 2015 in Medicinal Chemistry Research volume 24 issue 6 on pages 2604 to 2611

Research funded by Scientific Research Administration, Zagazig University (24, 2012-2013)

Authors: Kamel Metwally, Harris Pratsinis, Dimitris Kletsas

Role of pH on antioxidants production by Spirulina ( Arthrospira ) platensis

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Brazilian Journal of Microbiology volume 47 issue 2 on pages 298 to 304

Research funded by Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Egypt | EPICO | Ministry of Higher Education

Authors: Mostafa Mahmoud Sami Ismaiel, Yassin Mahmoud El-Ayouty, Michele Piercey-Normore

Evaluating the structural model from ambient vibration recordings and shallow seismic refraction techniques. A case study of Zagazig City, Egypt

Journal Article published 27 Aug 2016 in Arabian Journal of Geosciences volume 9 issue 13

Authors: A. A. Mohamed, M. A. El-Eraki, A. A. El-Kenawy, S. I. Mostafa

Change aspects of microstructure and mechanical behavior of Bi and Zn-doped Sn–0.5Cu solders for microelectronic applications

Journal Article published 1 Sep 2016 in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics volume 28 issue 1 on pages 1060 to 1069

Research funded by zagazig universty

Authors: A. A. Ibrahiem, E. H. El-Khawas, A. A. El-Daly