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Prognostic value of pulse pressure after an acute coronary syndrome

Journal Article published Oct 2018 in Atherosclerosis volume 277 on pages 219 to 226

Research funded by Medtronic | Federation Française de Cardiologie | St. Jude Medical | Pfizer | Sanofi-Aventis | Roche Diagnostics | Abbott Laboratories | Daichi Sankyo | Merck Sharpe and Dome (MSD) | Sanofi | Abbot | Eli Lilly | Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (SPUM 33CM30-124112, SPUM 33CM30-140 336) | Cordis | Boston Scientific Corporation | Biosensors International Group | Terumo | Biotronik | Abbott Vascular | MSD | Foundation for Cardiovascular Research | Roche | AstraZeneca | Amgen

Authors: Brahim Harbaoui, David Nanchen, Pierre Lantelme, Baris Gencer, Dick Heg, Roland Klingenberg, Lorenz Räber, David Carballo, Christian M. Matter, Stephan Windecker, François Mach, Nicolas Rodondi, Eric Eeckhout, Pierre Monney, Panagiotis Antiochos, Juerg Schwitter, Patrizio Pascale, Stephane Fournier, Pierre-Yves Courand, Thomas F. Lüscher, Olivier Muller

Postoperative Complications in the Ahmed Baerveldt Comparison Study During Five Years of Follow-up

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in American Journal of Ophthalmology volume 163 on pages 75 to 82.e3

Research funded by Abbott Laboratories | New World Medical Inc | U.S. Department of Defense | Kowa | Glaukos | Ivantis | Amakem | National Institutes of Health (P30 EY014801) | New World Medical, Inc | Alcon | Abbott Medical Optics | Merck | Laboratoires Thea | Abbott Park | Research to Prevent Blindness | National Eye Institute | New World Medical

Authors: Donald L. Budenz, William J. Feuer, Keith Barton, Joyce Schiffman, Vital P. Costa, David G. Godfrey, Yvonne M. Buys, Donald Budenz, Steven J. Gedde, Fouad El Sayyad, Leon Herndon, David Godfrey, Ronald Fellman, James Robinson, David Dueker, Patrick Riedel, Thomas Samuelson, Keith Barton, Renata Puertas, Paul Chew, Cecilia Aquino, Alfred M. Solish, Yvonne Buys, Graham Trope, James D. Brandt, Michele Lim, Simon Law, Vital Costa, Steve Sarkisian, Vikas Chopra, Brian Francis, Mario Meallet, Rohit Varma, Peter Netland, Sarwat Salim, Robert Feldman, Nicholas Bell, Philip Chen, Dale Heuer, Kuldev Singh, Martha Wright, Donald L. Budenz, William J. Feuer, Joyce C. Schiffman, Keith Barton, Donald L. Budenz, William J. Feuer, William J. Feuer, Joyce C. Schiffman, Wei Shi, Luz Ajuria, Yolanda Silva

Protein-energy wasting significantly increases healthcare utilization and costs among patients with chronic kidney disease: a propensity-score matched cohort study

Journal Article published 31 Jul 2017 in Current Medical Research and Opinion volume 33 issue 9 on pages 1705 to 1713

Research funded by Abbott Laboratories | Abbott Nutrition

Authors: Chia-Ter Chao, Chao-Hsiun Tang, Rhoda Wen-Yi Cheng, Michael Yao-Hsien Wang, Kuan-Yu Hung

Recent advances in understanding and managing aortic stenosis

Journal Article published 16 Jan 2018 in F1000Research volume 7 on page 58

Research funded by Edwards Lifesciences | St. Jude Medical | Medtronic | Abbott Vascular

Authors: Mathias Van Hemelrijck, Maurizio Taramasso, Carlotta De Carlo, Shingo Kuwata, Evelyn Regar, Fabian Nietlispach, Adolfo Ferrero, Alberto Weber, Francesco Maisano

Assessment of P2Y12 inhibitor usage and switching in acute coronary syndrome patients undergoing percutaneous coronary revascularization

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in International Journal of Cardiology volume 223 on pages 854 to 859

Research funded by Abbott Vascular | St. Jude Medical | Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Authors: Mrudula Kudaravalli, Andrew D. Althouse, Oscar C. Marroquin, Sameer J. Khandhar, Michael S. Sharbaugh, Catalin Toma, A.J. Conrad Smith, John T. Schindler, Joon S. Lee, Suresh R. Mulukutla

Outcomes of Patients with Critical Limb Ischaemia in the EUCLID Trial

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery volume 55 issue 1 on pages 109 to 117

Research funded by Medicines Company | Omthera Pharmaceuticals | HeartFlow | Medtronic | Boehringer Ingelheim | St. Jude Medical | AnGes MG | MyoKardia | Cubist | Epson | Bristol-Myers Squibb | Daiichi-Sankyo | Pluristem Therapeutics | Jansen | Sanofi | WebMD | Bio2 Medical | Eli Lilly | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute | Pluristem | Portola Pharmaceuticals | Cesca Therapeutics | Promedics | Boston Scientific Corporation | Cetacean Society International | Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma | Cook Medical | Johnson and Johnson | Genzyme | Janssen Research and Development | BAROnova | Abbott Vascular | Purdue Pharma | Tenax Therapeutics | Janssen | AstraZeneca | Theravance | Merck | Vindico | Forest Laboratories | Maquet | Amgen | Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. | Bayer | Terumo Medical | Optimed | GlaxoSmithKline

Authors: Lars Norgren, Manesh R. Patel, William R. Hiatt, Daniel M. Wojdyla, F. Gerry R. Fowkes, Iris Baumgartner, Kenneth W. Mahaffey, Jeffrey S. Berger, W. Schuyler Jones, Brian G. Katona, Peter Held, Juuso I. Blomster, Frank W. Rockhold, Martin Björck

Dual antiplatelet therapy duration in patients with ACS undergoing PCI: The “12 months tenet” is soundly questioned

Journal Article published Sep 2018 in International Journal of Cardiology

Research funded by Boston Scientific Corporation | Abbott Vascular | St. Jude Medical | Biotronik | Biosensors International Group

Authors: José M. de la Torre Hernández

The relationship between segmental wall shear stress and lipid core plaque derived from near-infrared spectroscopy

Journal Article published Aug 2018 in Atherosclerosis volume 275 on pages 68 to 73

Research funded by Atheronova | Omthera | Boehringer Ingelheim | Pfizer | Abbott Laboratories | Novartis | LipoScience | EliLilly | National Health and Medical Research Council (ID 1142794, ID 1127159) | Merck Schering-Plough | CSL Behring | Resverlogix | Cerenis | Abbott Vascular | InfraReDx | Esperion | Roche | AstraZeneca | National Heart Foundation of Australia (FLF100412, ID 101370) | Anthera | Novo Nordisk | Amgen | Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A.

Authors: Daisuke Shishikura, Samuel L. Sidharta, Satoshi Honda, Kohei Takata, Susan W. Kim, Jordan Andrews, Natalie Montarello, Sinny Delacroix, Timothy Baillie, Matthew I. Worthley, Peter J. Psaltis, Stephen J. Nicholls

Relationship between vectorcardiographic QRS area , myocardial scar quantification, and response to cardiac resynchronization therapy

Journal Article published May 2018 in Journal of Electrocardiology volume 51 issue 3 on pages 457 to 463

Research funded by Medtronic | St. Jude Medical | Abbott Laboratories | Biosense Webster | Boston Scientific Corporation | Hartstichting (2015T61) | Biomedical Research Council | LivaNova | Biotronik | MSD | Universiteit Maastricht

Authors: Uyên Châu Nguyên, Simon Claridge, Kevin Vernooy, Elien B. Engels, Reza Razavi, Christopher A. Rinaldi, Zhong Chen, Frits W. Prinzen

Dysarthria in pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation in dystonia depends on the posterior location of active electrode contacts: a pilot study

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Parkinsonism & Related Disorders volume 47 on pages 71 to 75

Research funded by Medtronic | St. Jude Medical | Abbott Laboratories | GE Medical | Zambon Pharma | Cologne Fortune Programme of Cologne University (185/2016) | zur Rose Pharma | Desitin Pharma | Boston Scientific Corporation | Teva Pharmaceutical Industries | Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (219) | Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation | Bayer | Archimedes Pharma | School of Public Health, University of California Berkeley

Authors: K.A.M. Pauls, P.J. Bröckelmann, S. Hammesfahr, J. Becker, A. Hellerbach, V. Visser-Vandewalle, T.A. Dembek, I.G. Meister, L. Timmermann

Periodontal inflamed surface area as a novel numerical variable describing periodontal conditions

Journal Article published 2017 in Journal of Periodontal & Implant Science volume 47 issue 5 on page 328

Research funded by Ministry of Health and Welfare (HI14C2175) | Abbott Korea (IMM-12-0004)

Authors: Shin-Young Park, Soyeon Ahn, Jung-Tae Lee, Pil-Young Yun, Yun Jong Lee, Joo Youn Lee, Yeong Wook Song, Yoon-Seok Chang, Hyo-Jung Lee

Ultrasound Evaluation of Puncture Sites After Deployment of Two Different Types of Vascular Closure Devices: A Prospective Comparative Study

Journal Article published 17 Aug 2018 in CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology volume 41 issue 11 on pages 1654 to 1663

Research funded by Abbott Korea

Authors: Young Jin Heo, Hae Woong Jeong, Jin Wook Baek, Sun Joo Lee, Hye Jung Choo, Hyun Seok Jung, Gi Won Shin, Jung Hwa Seo, Sung Tae Kim

Effects of hetastarch 130/0.4 on plasma osmolality, colloid osmotic pressure and total protein in horses anaesthetised for elective surgical procedures

Journal Article published 31 May 2018 in Veterinary Record volume 183 issue 4 on pages 127 to 127

Research funded by Abbott Animal Health

Authors: Shannon Roska, Samantha Morello, Victoria Rajamanickam, Lesley J Smith

Cutpoints for screening blood glucose concentrations in healthy senior cats

Journal Article published 6 Feb 2017 in Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery volume 19 issue 12 on pages 1181 to 1191

Research funded by Abbott Animal Health | David Galbraith

Authors: Mia K Reeve-Johnson, Jacquie S Rand, Dianne Vankan, Stephen T Anderson, Rhett Marshall, John M Morton

Sulcus Fixation of a 3-Piece Diffractive Multifocal Intraocular Lens with and without Optic Capture in the Anterior Capsulorhexis

Journal Article published Jan 2014 in Ophthalmology volume 121 issue 1 on pages 429 to 430.e2

Research funded by Abbott Medical Optics | Technolas Perfect Vision | PhysIOL | Alcon

Authors: John S.M. Chang, Jack C.M. Ng, Vincent K.C. Chan

Glistenings, anterior/posterior capsular opacification and incidence of Nd:YAG laser treatments with two aspheric hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lenses - a long-term intra-individual study

Journal Article published 30 Mar 2017 in Acta Ophthalmologica volume 95 issue 7 on pages 671 to 677

Research funded by Abbott Medical Optics | Region of Östergötland (ALF)

Authors: Björn Johansson

Serum alpha1 -proteinase inhibitor concentrations in dogs with systemic inflammatory response syndrome or sepsis

Journal Article published 25 Oct 2017 in Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care volume 27 issue 6 on pages 674 to 683

Research funded by Abbott Animal Health (N/A)

Authors: Romy M. Heilmann, Niels Grützner, Brittany E. Thames, Jörg M. Steiner, James W. Barr

Patient-centered integrated healthcare improves quality of life in Parkinson’s disease patients: a randomized controlled trial

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2018 in Journal of Neurology volume 265 issue 4 on pages 764 to 773

Research funded by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries | UCB | Abbott Pharmaceuticals | Bayer HealthCare | Medtronic | Archimedes Pharma | ZurRosePharma

Authors: Carsten Eggers, On behalf of the CPN study group, R. Dano, J. Schill, G. R. Fink, M. Hellmich, L. Timmermann

Guidance toward the implementation of multicriteria decision analysis framework in developing countries

Journal Article published 24 Aug 2018 in Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research volume 18 issue 6 on pages 585 to 592

Research funded by Abbott Pharmaceuticals (N/A)

Authors: András Inotai, Huong Thanh Nguyen, Budi Hidayat, Talgat Nurgozhin, Pham Huy Tuan Kiet, Jonathan D. Campbell, Bertalan Németh, Nikos Maniadakis, Diana Brixner, Kalman Wijaya, Zoltán Kaló

The impact of physical activity on psychosocial outcomes in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer: A systematic review.

Journal Article published Nov 2014 in Health Psychology volume 33 issue 11 on pages 1288 to 1297

Research funded by Abbott Pharmaceuticals (IIS MET-11-0029) | Cabrini Institute (1068651)

Authors: Kelly Chipperfield, Joanne Brooker, Jane Fletcher, Sue Burney