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Mechanism of irreversible inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis shikimate kinase by ilimaquinone

Journal Article published May 2018 in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics volume 1866 issue 5-6 on pages 731 to 739

Research funded by Abney Foundation

Authors: Johayra Simithy, Ngolui Rene Fuanta, Judith V. Hobrath, Anna Kochanowska-Karamyan, Mark T. Hamann, Douglas C. Goodwin, Angela I. Calderón

Cadherin complexes recruit mRNAs and RISC to regulate epithelial cell signaling

Journal Article published 6 Sep 2017 in The Journal of Cell Biology volume 216 issue 10 on pages 3073 to 3085

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01 CA100467, R01 NS069753, P50 CA116201) | Mayo Clinic | Abney Foundation | American Cancer Society | 26.2 with Donna Foundation | Hollings Cancer Center

Authors: Antonis Kourtidis, Brian Necela, Wan-Hsin Lin, Ruifeng Lu, Ryan W. Feathers, Yan W. Asmann, E. Aubrey Thompson, Panos Z. Anastasiadis

Simultaneous E-cadherin and PLEKHA7 expression negatively affects E-cadherin/EGFR mediated ovarian cancer cell growth

Journal Article published 11 Jul 2018 in Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research volume 37 issue 1

Research funded by Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (IG13055, IG17475) | Ministero della Salute (RC20402, Tumori Femminili, 5x1000 Funds-2013) | Fondazione Cariplo (2013-0865) | Abney Foundation | American Cancer Society (Institutional Res. Award, Hollings Cancer Center)

Authors: Katia Rea, Francesca Roggiani, Loris De Cecco, Francesco Raspagliesi, Maria Luisa Carcangiu, Joyce Nair-Menon, Marina Bagnoli, Ileana Bortolomai, Delia Mezzanzanica, Silvana Canevari, Antonis Kourtidis, Panos Z. Anastasiadis, Antonella Tomassetti