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New Wine in Old Bottles?

Journal Article published Jun 2014 in CrossCurrents volume 64 issue 2 on pages 170 to 179

Research funded by Asian Cultural Council

Authors: Pamela D. Winfield

Developing a New Method for the Architectural Design Process: An Experimental Study Using Found-Object Art in the Design Studio

Journal Article published 15 Feb 2018 in The Design Journal volume 21 issue 2 on pages 209 to 225

Research funded by American Architectural Foundation (1000) | Asian Cultural Council (10000) | Council on Foreign Relations (5000)

Authors: Mehdi KhakZand, Saeid Babaei

4-Methylphenol produced in freshwater sediment microcosms is not a bisphenol A metabolite

Journal Article published Dec 2014 in Chemosphere volume 117 on pages 521 to 526

Research funded by Asian Cultural Council

Authors: Jeongdae Im, Carson W. Prevatte, Hong Geun Lee, Shawn R. Campagna, Frank E. Löffler

Be discs in coplanar circular binaries: Phase-locked variations of emission lines

Journal Article published 10 Nov 2017 in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society volume 473 issue 3 on pages 3039 to 3050

Research funded by Universidade de São Paulo (2009/54006-4) | Asian Cultural Council (307594/2015-7)

Authors: Despina Panoglou, Daniel M. Faes, Alex C. Carciofi, Atsuo T. Okazaki, Dietrich Baade, Thomas Rivinius, Marcelo Borges Fernandes