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Impact of Mixed β-Cyclodextrin Ratios on Pluronic Rotaxanation Efficiency and Product Solubility

Journal Article published 27 Oct 2015 in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces volume 7 issue 43 on pages 23831 to 23836

Research funded by National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (UL1TR001108) | Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation

Authors: Yawo A. Mondjinou, Seok-Hee Hyun, Manxi Xiong, Christopher J. Collins, Pooi Ling Thong, David H. Thompson

Efficacy and ototoxicity of different cyclodextrins in Niemann-Pick C disease

Journal Article published 20 Apr 2016 in Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology volume 3 issue 5 on pages 366 to 380

Research funded by The Hide & Seek Foundation for Lysosomal Disease Research (R01 NS053677, P30 HD071593) | National Institutes of Health (R01 NS053677, P30 HD071593) | Dart Foundation | Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation

Authors: Cristin D. Davidson, Yonatan I. Fishman, István Puskás, Julianna Szemán, Tamás Sohajda, Leslie A. McCauliff, Jakub Sikora, Judith Storch, Marie T. Vanier, Lajos Szente, Steven U. Walkley, Kostantin Dobrenis

Niemann-Pick Type C1 deficiency in microglia does not cause neuron death in vitro

Journal Article published Sep 2011 in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease volume 1812 issue 9 on pages 1121 to 1129

Research funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research | Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation | Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research | Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Authors: Kyle B. Peake, Robert B. Campenot, Dennis E. Vance, Jean E. Vance

The AAA ATPase VPS4/SKD1 Regulates Endosomal Cholesterol Trafficking Independently of ESCRT-III

Journal Article published 14 Oct 2012 in Traffic volume 14 issue 1 on pages 107 to 119

Research funded by Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation | Australian Research Council | National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (510271)

Authors: Ximing Du, Abdulla S. Kazim, Ian W. Dawes, Andrew J. Brown, Hongyuan Yang

Adenovirus Modulates Toll-Like Receptor 4 Signaling by Reprogramming ORP1L-VAP Protein Contacts for Cholesterol Transport from Endosomes to the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Journal Article published 11 Jan 2017 in Journal of Virology volume 91 issue 6

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (GM081498, DK067494) | National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation | Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation

Authors: Nicholas L. Cianciola, Stacey Chung, Danny Manor, Cathleen R. Carlin

Editors: Lawrence Banks

Cohort study of neurocognitive functioning and adaptive behaviour in children and adolescents with Niemann-Pick Disease type C1

Journal Article published 19 Nov 2015 in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology volume 58 issue 3 on pages 262 to 269

Research funded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development | National Institute of Mental Health | Dana's Angels Research Trust | Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation | NIH Clinical Center

Authors: Audrey Thurm, Cristan Farmer, Nicole Yanjanin Farhat, Edythe Wiggs, David Black, Forbes D Porter

Clues to NPC1-mediated cholesterol export from lysosomes

Journal Article published 7 Jul 2016 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences volume 113 issue 29 on pages 7941 to 7943

Research funded by Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation (33246) | National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (DK37332)

Authors: Suzanne R. Pfeffer

Influence of Molecular Structure on the In Vivo Performance of Flexible Rod Polyrotaxanes

Journal Article published 5 Aug 2016 in Biomacromolecules volume 17 issue 9 on pages 2777 to 2786

Research funded by National Cancer Institute (P30 CA023168) | Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (UL1TR001108) | Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation | National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (EB017921)

Authors: Christopher J. Collins, Yawo Mondjinou, Bradley Loren, Sandra Torregrosa-Allen, Christopher J. Simmons, Bennett D. Elzey, Nadia Ayat, Zheng-Rong Lu, David Thompson

Intracisternal cyclodextrin prevents cerebellar dysfunction and Purkinje cell death in feline Niemann-Pick type C1 disease

Journal Article published 25 Feb 2015 in Science Translational Medicine volume 7 issue 276 on pages 276ra26 to 276ra26

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01-NS073661, P40-02512) | Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation | National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation | Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG-STE 1069/2-1, R01-HD045561, R01 NS053677) | Dana's Angels Research Trust | Race for Adam | Niemann-Pick Type C Disease (P30 HD071593, R01 NS081985, P30 DK020579)

Authors: Charles H. Vite, Jessica H. Bagel, Gary P. Swain, Maria Prociuk, Tracey U. Sikora, Veronika M. Stein, Patricia O’Donnell, Therese Ruane, Sarah Ward, Alexandra Crooks, Su Li, Elizabeth Mauldin, Susan Stellar, Marc De Meulder, Mark L. Kao, Daniel S. Ory, Cristin Davidson, Marie T. Vanier, Steven U. Walkley

Design and synthesis of a crosslinker for studying intracellular steroid trafficking pathways

Journal Article published Jul 2015 in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry volume 23 issue 13 on pages 3843 to 3851

Research funded by Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation | University of Notre Dame | Michael, Marcia and Christa Parseghian Endowment | National Institutes of Health (T32GM075762)

Authors: Katherine M. Byrd, Marcus D. Arieno, Megan E. Kennelly, Guillermina Estiu, Olaf Wiest, Paul Helquist