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Implementation of an Integrated Care Learning Experience Within the Psychiatry Clerkship: Nutrition Education of Patients with Serious Mental Illness

Journal Article published 15 Aug 2017 in Academic Psychiatry volume 42 issue 3 on pages 410 to 414

Research funded by American Psychiatric Foundation (Helping Hands Grant)

Authors: Shinnyi Chou, Dana Raml, Ryan Hafner, Bill Baerentzen, Sharon Hammer

Polymorphisms of dopamine pathway genesNRG1andLMX1Aare associated with cognitive performance in bipolar disorder

Journal Article published 3 Nov 2015 in Bipolar Disorders volume 17 issue 8 on pages 859 to 868

Research funded by Medicinska Forskningsrådet (K2014-62X-14647-12-51, K2010-61P-21568-01-4) | Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning | Hjärnfonden | Swedish Federal Government (ALF 20130032, ALFGBG-142041) | American Psychiatric Foundation | Fredrik och Ingrid Thurings Stiftelse

Authors: Sindre Rolstad, Erik Pålsson, Carl Johan Ekman, Elias Eriksson, Carl Sellgren, Mikael Landén

Functional evolution of new and expanded attention networks in humans

Journal Article published 13 Jul 2015 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences volume 112 issue 30 on pages 9454 to 9459

Research funded by National Institute of Mental Health (MH086466-04, MH018870-25, MH102471, MH096482) | National Eye Institute (EY012135) | American Psychiatric Foundation (none) | Leon Levy Foundation (none)

Authors: Gaurav H. Patel, Danica Yang, Emery C. Jamerson, Lawrence H. Snyder, Maurizio Corbetta, Vincent P. Ferrera


Journal Article published 6 Apr 2016 in Depression and Anxiety volume 33 issue 8 on pages 689 to 697

Research funded by National Institutes of Health | Brain and Behavioral Research Foundation | VA National Center for PTSD | U.S. Department of Defense | American Psychiatric Foundation | Robert E. Leet and Clara Guthrie Patterson Trust

Authors: Chadi G. Abdallah, Thomas G. Adams, Benjamin Kelmendi, Irina Esterlis, Gerard Sanacora, John H. Krystal