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Urban migrant women’s everyday food insecurity coping strategies foster alternative urban imaginaries of a more democratic food system

Journal Article published 26 Sep 2017 in Urban Geography volume 39 issue 5 on pages 706 to 725

Research funded by Association of American Geographers (Dissertation Research Grant)

Authors: Colleen Hammelman

A Mixed Application of Geographically Weighted Regression and Unsupervised Classification for Analyzing Latex Yield Variability in Yunnan, China

Journal Article published 11 May 2017 in Forests volume 8 issue 5 on page 162

Research funded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (5R25 HD057002-02) | Association of American Geographers (Dissertation Research Grant, International Geographic Information Fund Graduate Research Award) | University of Southern California (Dornsife PhD Merit Fellowship, Donald and Marion James Montgomery Endowed Scholarship) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (41401647) | Korea Environment Institute

Authors: Oh Kim, Jeffrey Nugent, Zhuang-Fang Yi, Joshua Newell, Andrew Curtis

Analysis of contested reports in exchange networks based on actors’ credibility

Journal Article published Jan 2015 in Social Networks volume 40 on pages 25 to 33

Research funded by College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences | Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality and Social Policy | Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University | Institute for Quantitative Social Science | Center for African Studies | Tropical Conservation and Development Program | Center for African Studies at the University of Florida | Association of American Geographers | National Science Foundation (0504422)

Authors: Weihua An, Sam Schramski

State power and domestic water provision in semi-arid Northwest China: Towards an aleatory political ecology

Journal Article published May 2017 in Political Geography volume 58 on pages 93 to 103

Research funded by U.S. Department of Education (P022A090013) | National Science Foundation (0927391) | Association of American Geographers | University of Colorado Boulder

Authors: Afton Clarke-Sather

Multi-Contextual Segregation and Environmental Justice Research: Toward Fine-Scale Spatiotemporal Approaches

Journal Article published 10 Oct 2017 in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health volume 14 issue 10 on page 1205

Research funded by Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, National Science Foundation (1735295) | Association of American Geographers

Authors: Yoo Park, Mei-Po Kwan

Gendered livelihoods in the global fish-food economy: a comparative study of three fisherfolk communities in Kerala, India

Journal Article published 27 Aug 2018 in Maritime Studies

Research funded by National Science Foundation | Association of American Geographers | East Carolina University | Syracuse University | Fulbright Association

Authors: Holly M. Hapke, Devan Ayyankeril

Historical Landscape Change in Yellowstone National Park: Demonstrating the Value of Intensive Field Observation and Repeat Photography

Journal Article published 14 Jul 2017 in Geographical Review volume 108 issue 3 on pages 387 to 409

Research funded by Idaho Humanities Council (IHC #2013018) | Missouri State University | Association of American Geographers | Missouri State University Summer Faculty Fellowship | National Park Service (YELL-2014-SCI-6012)

Authors: Judith l. Meyer, Yolonda Youngs

Household adaptive capacity: a social networks approach in rural South Africa

Journal Article published 24 Mar 2017 in Climate and Development volume 10 issue 3 on pages 230 to 242

Research funded by Association of American Geographers | Division of Graduate Education (0504422) | Center for African Studies | Tropical Conservation and Development Program, University of Florida

Authors: Sam Schramski, Christopher McCarty, Grenville Barnes

Medical Student Attitudes toward Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Journal Article published 2011 in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine volume 2011 on pages 1 to 14

Research funded by Association of American Geographers

Authors: Ryan B. Abbott, Ka-Kit Hui, Ron D. Hays, Jess Mandel, Michael Goldstein, Babbi Winegarden, Dale Glaser, Laurence Brunton

Re-Evaluating the Geological Evidence for Late Holocene Marine Incursion Events along the Guerrero Seismic Gap on the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Journal Article published 29 Aug 2016 in PLOS ONE volume 11 issue 8 on page e0161568

Research funded by Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI-CRN2050) | National Science Foundation (BCS-1003654) | Geological Society of America | Association of American Geographers

Authors: Thomas A. Bianchette, Terrence A. McCloskey, Kam-biu Liu

Editors: Liping Zhu