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Efficacy and Safety of Multiple Doses of Exenatide Once-Monthly Suspension in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: A Phase II Randomized Clinical Trial

Journal Article published 19 Jul 2016 in Diabetes Care volume 39 issue 10 on pages 1768 to 1776

Research funded by Amylin Pharmaceuticals | Bristol-Myers Squibb | National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Authors: Carol H. Wysham, Leigh MacConell, Elise Hardy

Comparison of trajectories of self-monitored glucose levels by hypoglycemia status over 52 weeks of treatment with insulin glargine or exenatide once weekly

Journal Article published 24 Mar 2015 in Journal of Diabetes volume 8 issue 1 on pages 148 to 157

Research funded by Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Authors: Sanjoy K. Paul, Julius Agbeve, David Maggs, Jennie H. Best

Comparison of safety and tolerability with continuous (exenatide once weekly) or intermittent (exenatide twice daily) GLP-1 receptor agonism in patients with type 2 diabetes

Journal Article published 19 Jul 2012 in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism volume 14 issue 12 on pages 1097 to 1103

Research funded by Amylin Pharmaceuticals | Eli Lilly and Company

Authors: T. Ridge, T. Moretto, L. MacConell, R. Pencek, J. Han, C. Schulteis, L. Porter

Glucagon therapeutics: Dawn of a new era for diabetes care

Journal Article published 7 Feb 2016 in Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews volume 32 issue 7 on pages 660 to 665

Research funded by REMD Therapeutics Inc | Synalpha Therapeutics LLC | Amylin Pharmaceuticals | Veteran's Administration merit grant

Authors: Jaime A. Davidson, William L. Holland, Michael G. Roth, May-yun Wang, Young Lee, Xinxin Yu, Sara K. McCorkle, Philipp E. Scherer, Roger H. Unger

Long-term changes in cardiovascular risk markers during administration of exenatide twice daily or glimepiride: results from the European exenatide study

Journal Article published 4 Sep 2015 in Cardiovascular Diabetology volume 14 issue 1

Research funded by Eli Lilly and Company | Amylin Pharmaceuticals | AstraZeneca | Bristol-Myers Squibb

Authors: Rafael Simó, Bruno Guerci, Guntram Schernthaner, Baptist Gallwitz, Juan Rosas-Guzmàn, Francesco Dotta, Andreas Festa, Ming Zhou, Jacek Kiljański

Exenatide Pretreatment Improved Graft Function in Nonhuman Primate Islet Recipients Compared to Treatment after Transplant Only

Journal Article published 2012 in Journal of Transplantation volume 2012 on pages 1 to 10

Research funded by Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Authors: Jill L. Buss, Amer Rajab, Elizabeth D. Essig, Valerie K. Bergdall, Jie Wang, Kwame Osei

Rosiglitazone treatment and cardiovascular disease in the Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial

Journal Article published 17 Jun 2015 in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism volume 17 issue 10 on pages 949 to 955

Research funded by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center Programme | Roche Diagnostics | CSP | Office of Research and Development | National Institutes of Health | Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC | KOS Pharmaceuticals | Novo Nordisk | National Eye Institute | American Diabetes Association | GlaxoSmithKline | Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Authors: H. Florez, P. D. Reaven, G. Bahn, T. Moritz, S. Warren, J. Marks, D. Reda, W. Duckworth, C. Abraira, R. Hayward, N. Emanuele, from the VADT Research Group

Efficacy and tolerability of exenatide twice daily and exenatide once weekly in Asian versus White patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A pooled analysis

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice volume 114 on pages 160 to 172

Research funded by Amylin Pharmaceuticals | Eli Lilly and Company | Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation | AstraZeneca

Authors: Wayne H.-H. Sheu, Steven C. Brunell, Erich Blase

Histological changes in endocrine and exocrine pancreatic tissue from patients exposed to incretin-based therapies

Journal Article published 26 Sep 2016 in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism volume 18 issue 12 on pages 1253 to 1262

Research funded by Amylin Pharmaceuticals | Boehringer Ingelheim | GlaxoSmithKline | Novo Nordisk | AstraZeneca | Novartis | Sanofi

Authors: Sandra Ueberberg, Hendrik Jütte, Waldemar Uhl, Wolfgang Schmidt, Michael Nauck, Eduard Montanya, Andrea Tannapfel, Juris Meier

Synergistic metabolic benefits of an exenatide analogue and cholecystokinin in diet-induced obese and leptin-deficient rodents

Journal Article published 14 Oct 2014 in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism volume 17 issue 1 on pages 61 to 73

Research funded by Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Authors: J. L. Trevaskis, C. Sun, J. Athanacio, L. D'Souza, M. Samant, K. Tatarkiewicz, P. S. Griffin, C. Wittmer, Y. Wang, C.-H. Teng, B. Forood, D. G. Parkes, J. D. Roth