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Reagent pencils: a new technique for solvent-free deposition of reagents onto paper-based microfluidic devices

Journal Article published 2015 in Lab on a Chip volume 15 issue 10 on pages 2213 to 2220

Research funded by 3M (Non-Tenured Faculty Grant)

Authors: Haydn T. Mitchell, Isabelle C. Noxon, Cory A. Chaplan, Samantha J. Carlton, Cheyenne H. Liu, Kirsten A. Ganaja, Nathaniel W. Martinez, Chad E. Immoos, Philip J. Costanzo, Andres W. Martinez

Importance of Substrate Functionality on the Adhesion and Debonding of a Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive under Water

Journal Article published 22 Nov 2017 in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces volume 9 issue 48 on pages 42344 to 42353

Research funded by Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI 1728082) | 3M

Authors: Preetika Karnal, Paul Roberts, Stefan Gryska, Courtney King, Carlos Barrios, Joelle Frechette

Therapeutic Delivery of H2S via COS: Small Molecule and Polymeric Donors with Benign Byproducts

Journal Article published 7 Oct 2016 in Journal of the American Chemical Society volume 138 issue 41 on pages 13477 to 13480

Research funded by 3M | National Institutes of Health (NS081623, NS096281) | Division of Materials Research (DMR-1454754) | Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (JFC12-256)

Authors: Chadwick R. Powell, Jeffrey C. Foster, Benjamin Okyere, Michelle H. Theus, John B. Matson

Highly functionalizable penta-coordinate iron hydrogen production catalysts with low overpotentials

Journal Article published 2016 in Dalton Transactions volume 45 issue 3 on pages 1138 to 1151

Research funded by National Science Foundation (CHE-0840456) | 3M (NTFG 5286067)

Authors: Shawn C. Eady, Tanya Breault, Levi Thompson, Nicolai Lehnert

Ferroelectric Oxides with Strong Visible-Light Absorption from Charge Ordering

Journal Article published 7 Nov 2016 in Chemistry of Materials volume 29 issue 6 on pages 2445 to 2451

Research funded by Basic Energy Sciences (DE-AC02-06CH11357) | Austrian Science Fund (F41) | 3M

Authors: Jiangang He, Cesare Franchini, James M. Rondinelli

Hierarchically Patterned Noncovalent Functionalization of 2D Materials by Controlled Langmuir–Schaefer Conversion

Journal Article published 17 Jan 2018 in Langmuir volume 34 issue 4 on pages 1353 to 1362

Research funded by Division of Chemistry (1555173) | DuPont | 3M

Authors: Tyson C. Davis, Jae Jin Bang, Jacob T. Brooks, David G. McMillan, Shelley A. Claridge

International prevalence of the use of peripheral intravenous catheters

Journal Article published 3 Jun 2015 in Journal of Hospital Medicine volume 10 issue 8 on pages 530 to 533

Research funded by 3M (NA - Investigator Initiated Grant) | Becton and Dickinson (NA - Investigator Initiated Grant)

Authors: Evan Alexandrou, Gillian Ray-Barruel, Peter J. Carr, Steven Frost, Sheila Inwood, Niall Higgins, Frances Lin, Laura Alberto, Leonard Mermel, Claire M. Rickard

Two-ply channels for faster wicking in paper-based microfluidic devices

Journal Article published 2015 in Lab on a Chip volume 15 issue 23 on pages 4461 to 4466

Research funded by California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Extramural Funding Initiative) | 3M (Nontenured Faculty Grant)

Authors: Conor K. Camplisson, Kevin M. Schilling, William L. Pedrotti, Howard A. Stone, Andres W. Martinez

Mechanisms of Carbon Nanotube Aggregation and the Reversion of Carbon Nanotube Aggregates in Aqueous Medium

Journal Article published 4 Sep 2014 in Langmuir volume 30 issue 36 on pages 10899 to 10909

Research funded by 3M (260-03-A-05)

Authors: Byumseok Koh, Wei Cheng

Imiquimod Does not Affect Shedding of Viable Chlamydiae in a Murine Model ofChlamydia trachomatisGenital Tract Infection

Journal Article published 2003 in Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology volume 11 issue 2 on pages 81 to 87

Research funded by 3M

Authors: Kyle H. Ramsey, Namir Shaba, Kevin P. Cohoon, Kevin A. Ault