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Redox-active cathode interphases in solid-state batteries

Journal Article published 2017 in Journal of Materials Chemistry A volume 5 issue 43 on pages 22750 to 22760

Research funded by BASF Schweiz

Authors: Raimund Koerver, Felix Walther, Isabel Aygün, Joachim Sann, Christian Dietrich, Wolfgang G. Zeier, Jürgen Janek

Estimation of efficacy functions for products used to manage corn rootworm larval injury

Journal Article published 18 Nov 2015 in Journal of Applied Entomology volume 140 issue 6 on pages 414 to 425

Research funded by Cheminova A/S | BASF Schweiz | Helena Chemical Company | DuPont Pioneer | Adama USA | Bayer CropScience | FMC Corporation | Monsanto Company | Syngenta AG | Dow AgroSciences LLC | Valent USA Corporation | AMVAC Chemical Corporation

Authors: N. A. Tinsley, P. D. Mitchell, R. J. Wright, L. J. Meinke, R. E. Estes, M. E. Gray

Dietary Plant Sterols Supplementation Increases In Vivo Nitrite and Nitrate Production in Healthy Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Study

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Journal of Food Science volume 82 issue 7 on pages 1750 to 1756

Research funded by BASF Schweiz

Authors: Xing Lin Ho, Wai Mun Loke

Experimental and Modeling Study of Acrylamide Copolymerization with Quaternary Ammonium Salt in Aqueous Solution

Journal Article published 28 Jul 2015 in Macromolecules volume 48 issue 15 on pages 5076 to 5087

Research funded by BASF Schweiz

Authors: Danilo Cuccato, Giuseppe Storti, Massimo Morbidelli

Naphthacenodithiophene Based Polymers-New Members of the Acenodithiophene Family Exhibiting High Mobility and Power Conversion Efficiency

Journal Article published 18 Aug 2016 in Advanced Functional Materials volume 26 issue 38 on pages 6961 to 6969

Research funded by BASF Schweiz | Austrian Science Fund (T578-N19, FP7 Project SC2 (610115), EC FP7, (604397)) | Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M005143/1) | Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (4869/1-1) | Ministry of Education, Youth and Science (LQ1601)

Authors: Astrid-Caroline Knall, Raja Shahid Ashraf, Mark Nikolka, Christian B. Nielsen, Balaji Purushothaman, Aditya Sadhanala, Michael Hurhangee, Katharina Broch, David J. Harkin, Jiří Novák, Marios Neophytou, Pascal Hayoz, Henning Sirringhaus, Iain McCulloch

Integrated engineering of β-oxidation reversal and ω-oxidation pathways for the synthesis of medium chain ω-functionalized carboxylic acids

Journal Article published Mar 2015 in Metabolic Engineering volume 28 on pages 202 to 212

Research funded by BASF Corporation

Authors: James M. Clomburg, Matthew D. Blankschien, Jacob E. Vick, Alexander Chou, Seohyoung Kim, Ramon Gonzalez

Solution-Processed Complementary Resistive Switching Arrays for Associative Memory

Journal Article published Oct 2017 in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices volume 64 issue 10 on pages 4310 to 4316

Research funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency | Semiconductor Research Corporation | BASF Corporation | Philippine-California Advanced Research Institutes | Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems

Authors: Jeremy Smith, Seungjun Chung, Jaewon Jang, Carlos Biaou, Vivek Subramanian

Stabilization and control of phase morphology of PA/SAN blends via incorporation of exfoliated clay

Journal Article published Aug 2010 in Polymer volume 51 issue 18 on pages 4231 to 4237

Research funded by BASF Corporation

Authors: Ehsan Moghbelli, Hung-Jue Sue, Sachin Jain

Amphiphilic Block Copolymers as Stabilizers in Emulsion Polymerization: Effects of the Stabilizing Block Molecular Weight Dispersity on Stabilization Performance

Journal Article published 30 Nov 2015 in Macromolecules volume 48 issue 24 on pages 8913 to 8920

Research funded by BASF Corporation (364928)

Authors: Sean George, Rachel Champagne-Hartley, Gary Deeter, Dave Campbell, Bernd Reck, Dieter Urban, Michael Cunningham

Understanding particle formation in surfactant-free waterborne coatings prepared by emulsification of pre-formed polymers

Journal Article published 2017 in Polymer Chemistry volume 8 issue 19 on pages 2931 to 2941

Research funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | BASF Corporation

Authors: Maria Jose Gonzalez-Alvarez, Jan Paternoga, Katharina Breul, Hyungjun Cho, Mahtab Z. Roshandel, Mohsen Soleimani, Mitchell A. Winnik