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Inoculation and Narrative Strategies in Competitive Framing of Three Health Policy Issues

Journal Article published 14 May 2015 in Journal of Communication volume 65 issue 5 on pages 838 to 862

Research funded by American International Group | Institute for the Social Sciences, Cornell University

Authors: Jeff Niederdeppe, Kathryn Heley, Colleen L. Barry

The impact of practice guidelines on opioid utilization for injured workers

Journal Article published 9 Oct 2017 in American Journal of Industrial Medicine volume 60 issue 12 on pages 1023 to 1030

Research funded by American International Group

Authors: Christine Buttorff, Antonio J. Trujillo, Renan Castillo, Andres I. Vecino-Ortiz, Gerard F. Anderson

A global analysis of the asymmetric effect of ENSO on extreme precipitation

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in Journal of Hydrology volume 530 on pages 51 to 65

Research funded by Australian Research Council (DP150100411) | Électricité de France | Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour l'Environnement et l'Agriculture | University of Adelaide (DP1094796) | American International Group (CU12-2326)

Authors: Xun Sun, Benjamin Renard, Mark Thyer, Seth Westra, Michel Lang

Flood frequencies and durations and their response to El Niño Southern Oscillation: Global analysis

Journal Article published Aug 2016 in Journal of Hydrology volume 539 on pages 358 to 378

Research funded by VENI (863.11.011) | SCART (267463) | American International Group | U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Authors: P.J. Ward, M. Kummu, U. Lall

Quantifying the daily economic impact of extreme space weather due to failure in electricity transmission infrastructure

Journal Article published Jan 2017 in Space Weather volume 15 issue 1 on pages 65 to 83

Research funded by American International Group | UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EP/N017064/1) | Natural Environment Research Council

Authors: Edward J. Oughton, Andrew Skelton, Richard B. Horne, Alan W. P. Thomson, Charles T. Gaunt

Hierarchical Bayesian clustering for nonstationary flood frequency analysis: Application to trends of annual maximum flow in Germany

Journal Article published Aug 2015 in Water Resources Research volume 51 issue 8 on pages 6586 to 6601

Research funded by American International Group (CU12-2326)

Authors: Xun Sun, Upmanu Lall, Bruno Merz, Nguyen Viet Dung

Fast Direct Methods for Gaussian Processes

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2016 in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence volume 38 issue 2 on pages 252 to 265

Research funded by Air Force Office of Scientific Research | NSSEFF Program (FA9550-10-1-0180, FA9550-10-1-0180) | American International Group (#A15-0098-001) | Simons Foundation | National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NNX12AI50G) | National Science Foundation (IIS-1124794) | Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation | Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Authors: Sivaram Ambikasaran, Daniel Foreman-Mackey, Leslie Greengard, David W. Hogg, Michael O'Neil