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Host Response to Human Breast Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) as Observed by Changes in the Stromal Proteome

Journal Article published 15 Oct 2014 in Journal of Proteome Research volume 13 issue 11 on pages 4739 to 4751

Research funded by Altria Group | Cancer Center, University of Virginia

Authors: Lavakumar A. Reddy, Leann Mikesh, Christopher Moskulak, Jennifer Harvey, Nicholas Sherman, Paola Zigrino, Cornelia Mauch, Jay W. Fox

Kilobase Pair Chromatin Fiber Contacts Promoted by Living-System-Like DNA Linker Length Distributions and Nucleosome Depletion

Journal Article published 31 Mar 2017 in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B volume 121 issue 15 on pages 3882 to 3894

Research funded by Altria Group | National Institutes of Health (R01-055164)

Authors: Gavin D Bascom, Taejin Kim, Tamar Schlick

Contribution of Nicotine and Nornicotine toward the Production of N′-Nitrosonornicotine in Air-Cured Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

Journal Article published 9 Mar 2016 in Journal of Natural Products volume 79 issue 4 on pages 754 to 759

Research funded by Altria Group | Philip Morris International Inc.

Authors: Bin Cai, Huihua Ji, Franklin F. Fannin, Lowell P. Bush

A Convergent Approach to the Total Synthesis of Telmisartan via a Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reaction between Two Functionalized Benzimidazoles

Journal Article published 12 Jan 2015 in The Journal of Organic Chemistry volume 80 issue 3 on pages 1915 to 1919

Research funded by Altria Group | Corning Incorporated

Authors: Alex D. Martin, Ali R. Siamaki, Katherine Belecki, B. Frank Gupton

A Model To Estimate the Sources of Tobacco-Specific Nitrosamines in Cigarette Smoke

Journal Article published 17 Jul 2017 in Chemical Research in Toxicology volume 30 issue 8 on pages 1556 to 1561

Research funded by Altria Group

Authors: Peter J. Lipowicz, Jeffrey I. Seeman

“It Gave Me Ways to Solve Problems and Ways to Talk to People”

Journal Article published 7 Mar 2016 in Journal of Adolescent Research volume 32 issue 3 on pages 291 to 322

Research funded by William T. Grant Foundation (GF11922) | Altria Group | Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (Q184B070479)

Authors: Nancy L. Deutsch, Cristina L. Reitz-Krueger, Angela K. Henneberger, Valerie A. Futch Ehrlich, Edith C. Lawrence

Gold(I)-Induced Rearrangements of Propargyl Derivatives: A Gas-Phase Study

Journal Article published 8 Nov 2016 in Organometallics volume 35 issue 22 on pages 3844 to 3851

Research funded by Division of Chemistry (CHE-1300817) | Altria Group

Authors: Christopher A. Swift, Scott Gronert

Iron Mesh-Based Metal Organic Framework Filter for Efficient Arsenic Removal

Journal Article published 7 Mar 2018 in Environmental Science & Technology volume 52 issue 7 on pages 4275 to 4284

Research funded by Altria Group | American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (57072-DNI10) | Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI-1727553)

Authors: Dawei Wang, Stanley E. Gilliland, Xinbei Yi, Kayla Logan, Denver R. Heitger, Heather R. Lucas, Wei-Ning Wang

Separation of transition and heavy metals using stationary phase gradients and thin layer chromatography

Journal Article published May 2016 in Journal of Chromatography A volume 1446 on pages 141 to 148

Research funded by National Science Foundation (CHE-0820945, DMR-1404898) | VCU Nanomaterials Core Characterization (NCC) | Altria Group

Authors: Stacy L. Stegall, Kayesh M. Ashraf, Julie R. Moye, Daniel A. Higgins, Maryanne M. Collinson

Multivariate Curve Resolution-Alternating Least Squares Analysis of High-Resolution Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry Data

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Analytical Chemistry volume 88 issue 22 on pages 11092 to 11099

Research funded by Division of Chemistry (1507332) | Altria Group

Authors: Melanie M. Sinanian, Daniel W. Cook, Sarah C. Rutan, Dayanjan S. Wijesinghe