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Drinking Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene Promotion Interventions in Two Slum Communities in Central Uganda

Journal Article published 2018 in Journal of Environmental and Public Health volume 2018 on pages 1 to 9

Research funded by American Council on Education (AEG-A-00-05-00007-00)

Authors: David Musoke, Rawlance Ndejjo, Abdullah Ali Halage, Simon Kasasa, John C. Ssempebwa, David O. Carpenter

Isolating active ingredients in a parent-mediated social communication intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder

Journal Article published 3 Nov 2015 in Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry volume 57 issue 5 on pages 606 to 613

Research funded by American Council on Education (P50-HD-055784) | Autism Speaks (NCT00999778)

Authors: Amanda C. Gulsrud, Gerhard Hellemann, Stephanie Shire, Connie Kasari

Channeling of multikilojoule high-intensity laser beams in an inhomogeneous plasma

Journal Article published 4 May 2015 in Physical Review E volume 91 issue 5

Research funded by National Nuclear Security Administration (DE-NA0001944) | American Council on Education | U.S. Department of Energy (DE-DE-FG02-05ER54839) | University of Rochester | Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology | New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Authors: S. Ivancic, D. Haberberger, H. Habara, T. Iwawaki, K. S. Anderson, R. S. Craxton, D. H. Froula, D. D. Meyerhofer, C. Stoeckl, K. A. Tanaka, W. Theobald

Functional connectivity differences in autism during face and car recognition: underconnectivity and atypical age-related changes

Journal Article published 16 Oct 2016 in Developmental Science volume 21 issue 1 on page e12508

Research funded by National Institute of Mental Health (K01MH081191) | National Institutes of Health (HD055748) | National Institute of Child Health and Human Development | American Council on Education (HD055648) | CPEA (HD35469)

Authors: Andrew C. Lynn, Aarthi Padmanabhan, Daniel Simmonds, William Foran, Michael N. Hallquist, Beatriz Luna, Kirsten O'Hearn

Interplay between sign problem andZ3symmetry in three-dimensional Potts models

Journal Article published 8 Jul 2016 in Physical Review D volume 94 issue 1

Research funded by Research Grants Council, University Grants Committee (26400279, 26400278) | Japan Society for the Promotion of Science | American Council on Education | CMC Microsystems | Osaka University

Authors: Takehiro Hirakida, Hiroaki Kouno, Junichi Takahashi, Masanobu Yahiro

A simple wideband electromagnetically fed circular polarized antenna for energy harvesting

Journal Article published 27 Jun 2017 in Microwave and Optical Technology Letters volume 59 issue 9 on pages 2390 to 2397

Research funded by Universiti Malaysia Perlis | American Council on Education

Authors: Ismahayati Adam, M. Najib M. Yasin, Ping J. Soh, K. Kamardin, Mohd Faizal Jamlos, Herwansyah Lago, Muhamad. S. Razalli

Detecting the genomic signal of polygenic adaptation and the role of epistasis in evolution

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Molecular Ecology volume 27 issue 3 on pages 606 to 612

Research funded by Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (31CO30_174688, 31003A_152664/1, PP00P3_144846) | Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship (705972) | American Council on Education | European Molecular Biology Organization | URPP “Evolution in action” (University of Zürich)

Authors: Katalin Csilléry, Alejandra Rodríguez-Verdugo, Christian Rellstab, Frédéric Guillaume

Practices, Concerns, and Willingness to Participate in Solid Waste Management in Two Urban Slums in Central Uganda

Journal Article published 2016 in Journal of Environmental and Public Health volume 2016 on pages 1 to 7

Research funded by American Council on Education

Authors: Trasias Mukama, Rawlance Ndejjo, David Musoke, Geofrey Musinguzi, Abdullah Ali Halage, David O. Carpenter, John C. Ssempebwa