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Common garden experiments disentangle plant genetic and environmental contributions to ectomycorrhizal fungal community structure

Journal Article published 16 Jul 2018 in New Phytologist volume 221 issue 1 on pages 493 to 502

Research funded by Arizona Space Grant Consortium | National Science Foundation (DBI-1126840, DEB DEB0816675) | Northern Arizona University Hooper Undergraduate Research Award

Authors: Adair Patterson, Lluvia Flores-Rentería, Amy Whipple, Thomas Whitham, Catherine Gehring

Improving the Accuracy of Laplacian Estimation with Novel Variable Inter-Ring Distances Concentric Ring Electrodes

Journal Article published 10 Jun 2016 in Sensors volume 16 issue 6 on page 858

Research funded by Arizona Space Grant Consortium (175‐B5E7) | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (1R21NS061335‐01A2) | Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, National Science Foundation (0933596)

Authors: Oleksandr Makeyev, Walter Besio

Linking climate variability and growth in coral skeletal records from the Great Barrier Reef

Journal Article published 5 Dec 2018 in Coral Reefs

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1559323, 9311858, 9985557, 1515454) | University of Arizona (Faculty Exploratory Research Grant) | Arizona Space Grant Consortium (NASA/University of Arizona Space Grant Fellowship)

Authors: Emma V. Reed, Julia E. Cole, Janice M. Lough, Diane Thompson, Neal E. Cantin

Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation of self-diffusion in Al–Si binary melts

Journal Article published 11 Jul 2018 in Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering volume 26 issue 6 on page 065006

Research funded by Arizona Space Grant Consortium (NASA Grant NNX15AC046)

Authors: Venkateswara Rao Manga, D R Poirier

Special wettable nanostructured copper mesh achieved by a facile hot water treatment process

Journal Article published 25 Sep 2017 in Materials Research Express volume 4 issue 9 on page 095021

Research funded by Arizona Space Grant Consortium (NNX09AW22A) | National Science Foundation (EPS-1003970, EPS-1159830)

Authors: Nawzat S Saadi, Laylan B Hassan, Matt Brozak, Tansel Karabacak

Altered natal dispersal at the range periphery: The role of behavior, resources, and maternal condition

Journal Article published 30 Nov 2016 in Ecology and Evolution volume 7 issue 1 on pages 58 to 72

Research funded by United States Forest Service | University of Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station | Joint Fire Sciences Program Graduate Research Innovations (# 3005940) | Arizona Space Grant Consortium | University of Arizona Institute of the Environment Carson Scholars Fellowship | American Society of Mammalogists | American Museum of Natural History | Southwestern Association of Naturalists | T & E Inc. Grants for Conservation Biology

Authors: Melissa J. Merrick, John L. Koprowski