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Crystallization of Sensitizers Controls Morphology and Performance in Si-/C-PCPDTBT-Sensitized P3HT:ICBA Ternary Blends

Journal Article published 17 Mar 2017 in Macromolecules volume 50 issue 6 on pages 2415 to 2423

Research funded by European Commission (607585) | Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (BR 4031/2-2, GRK 1896, SFB 953) | Office of Naval Research (N000141410531) | Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Bildung und Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst | China Scholarship Council | Office of Secretary of Energy (DEAC0205CH11231) | Colombian Agency COLCIENCIAS

Authors: Xiaoyan Du, Xuechen Jiao, Stefanie Rechberger, José Darío Perea, Markus Meyer, Negar Kazerouni, Erdmann Spiecker, Harald Ade, Christoph J. Brabec, Rainer H. Fink, Tayebeh Ameri

The Target of β-Expansin EXPB1 in Maize Cell Walls from Binding and Solid-State NMR Studies

Journal Article published 11 Oct 2016 in Plant Physiology volume 172 issue 4 on pages 2107 to 2119

Research funded by Office of Secretary of Energy (DE-FG02-84ER13179, DE-SC0001090)

Authors: Tuo Wang, Yuning Chen, Akira Tabuchi, Daniel J. Cosgrove, Mei Hong

Bioenergetics of Monoterpenoid Essential Oil Biosynthesis in Non-Photosynthetic Glandular Trichomes

Journal Article published 24 Aug 2017 in Plant Physiology on page pp.00551.2017

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (T32GM083864) | Office of Secretary of Energy (DE-SC0001553)

Authors: Sean R Johnson, Iris Lange, Narayanan Srividya, Bernd Markus Lange

Mapping of a Cellulose-Deficient Mutant Nameddwarf1-1inSorghum bicolorto the Green Revolution Genegibberellin20-oxidaseReveals a Positive Regulatory Association between Gibberellin and Cellulose Biosynthesis

Journal Article published 21 Jul 2015 in Plant Physiology volume 169 issue 1 on pages 705 to 716

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1256029; 1355438) | JSPS Kakenhi (26660278) | Office of Secretary of Energy (10-0000368)

Authors: Carloalberto Petti, Ko Hirano, Jozsef Stork, Seth DeBolt

Negative cooperativity in the nitrogenase Fe protein electron delivery cycle

Journal Article published 4 Oct 2016 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences volume 113 issue 40 on pages E5783 to E5791

Research funded by Office of Secretary of Energy (DE SC0012518) | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (HL 63203) | National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM 111097, GM110671)

Authors: Karamatullah Danyal, Sudipta Shaw, Taylor R. Page, Simon Duval, Masaki Horitani, Amy R. Marts, Dmitriy Lukoyanov, Dennis R. Dean, Simone Raugei, Brian M. Hoffman, Lance C. Seefeldt, Edwin Antony

Bacterial infection imaging with [18F]fluoropropyl-trimethoprim

Journal Article published 17 Jul 2017 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences volume 114 issue 31 on pages 8372 to 8377

Research funded by Office of Secretary of Energy (DE-SE0012476) | National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIH/NIBIB T32 EB004311)

Authors: Mark A. Sellmyer, Iljung Lee, Catherine Hou, Chi-Chang Weng, Shihong Li, Brian P. Lieberman, Chenbo Zeng, David A. Mankoff, Robert H. Mach

Optical and electrical characterization of CIGS thin films grown by electrodeposition route

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Optik volume 127 issue 8 on pages 4118 to 4122

Research funded by Office of Secretary of Energy

Authors: Chihi Adel, Boujmil Mohamed Fethi, Bessais Brahim

Global urbanization projections for the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways

Journal Article published Jan 2017 in Global Environmental Change volume 42 on pages 193 to 199

Research funded by Office of Secretary of Energy (DE-SC0006704)

Authors: Leiwen Jiang, Brian C. O’Neill