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Volume collapse phase transitions in cerium-praseodymium alloys under high pressure

Journal Article published 8 Jun 2018 in High Pressure Research volume 38 issue 3 on pages 270 to 280

Research funded by Department of Energy-National Nuclear Security Administration (DE-NA0002928) | Los Alamos National Laboratory (DE-AC52-06NA25396) | Advanced Photon Sciences | Argonne National Laboratory | DOE-NNSA (DE-NA0001974) | DOE-BES (DE-FG02-99ER45775) | NSF (DE-AC02-06CH11357)

Authors: Christopher S. Perreault, Nenad Velisavljevic, Gopi K. Samudrala, G. Kalai Selvan, Yogesh K. Vohra

Identifying barriers to charge-carriers in the bulk and surface regions of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanocrystal films by x-ray absorption fine structures (XAFSs)

Journal Article published 28 Nov 2016 in The Journal of Chemical Physics volume 145 issue 20 on page 204702

Research funded by Canada Research Chairs | Ontario Innovation Trust | Western University | Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | Advanced Photon Sciences | Canada Foundation for Innovation

Authors: Matthew J. Turnbull, Daniel Vaccarello, Yun Mui Yiu, Tsun-Kong Sham, Zhifeng Ding

An instrument for in situ coherent x-ray studies of metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy of III-nitrides

Journal Article published Mar 2017 in Review of Scientific Instruments volume 88 issue 3 on page 035113

Research funded by U.S. Department of Energy | Advanced Photon Sciences (DE-AC02-06CH11357)

Authors: Guangxu Ju, Matthew J. Highland, Angel Yanguas-Gil, Carol Thompson, Jeffrey A. Eastman, Hua Zhou, Sean M. Brennan, G. Brian Stephenson, Paul H. Fuoss

Real-time observation of collective excitations in photoemission

Journal Article published 3 Jun 2015 in Physical Review B volume 91 issue 24

Research funded by Austrian Science Fund (SFB-041, SFB-049, P21141-N16) | European Cooperation in Science and Technology (CM1204) | Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft | Advanced Photon Sciences (IMPRS-APS) | Országos Tudományos Kutatási Alapprogramok (NN 103279)

Authors: C. Lemell, S. Neppl, G. Wachter, K. Tőkési, R. Ernstorfer, P. Feulner, R. Kienberger, J. Burgdörfer

Unoprostone activation of BK (K Ca 1.1) channel splice variants

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes volume 1848 issue 11 on pages 2859 to 2867

Research funded by Sucampo Pharmaceuticals | Advanced Photon Sciences | National Institutes of Health (DK R37DK037963)

Authors: Ling Yu, Amity F. Eaton, Qiang Yue, Hui-Fang Bao, He-Ping Ma, John Cuppoletti, Douglas C. Eaton

Time scales of relaxation dynamics during transient conditions in two-phase flow

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Water Resources Research volume 53 issue 6 on pages 4709 to 4724

Research funded by Department of Energy, Geosciences (DE-FG02-94ER14466) | Mark Rivers | GeoSoilEnviroCARS | Feodor-von-Lynen scholarship | DOE Office of Science by Argonne National Laboratory (DE-AC02-06CH11357) | DOE Office of Science User Facility | National Science Foundation-Earth Sciences (EAR-1128799) | GSECARS staff | Advanced Photon Sciences | National Science Foundation (EAR-1344877) | Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation

Authors: Steffen Schlüter, Steffen Berg, Tianyi Li, Hans-Jörg Vogel, Dorthe Wildenschild

Structure, nanomechanics, and dynamics of dispersed surfactant-free clay nanocomposite films

Journal Article published 22 Feb 2018 in Polymer Engineering & Science volume 58 issue 8 on pages 1285 to 1295

Research funded by W. M. Keck Foundation | Prolific Research group (PRG-1436-14) | Advanced Photon Sciences | U.S. Department of Energy | DOE Office of Science | Argonne National Laboratory (DE-AC02-06CH11357) | King Saud University | Office of Science

Authors: Xiao Zhang, Jing Zhao, Chad R. Snyder, Abdullah Al-Enizi, Ahmed Eltazahry, David S. Simmons, Alamgir Karim

Ultrafast optical Faraday effect in transparent solids

Journal Article published 4 Dec 2017 in Physical Review B volume 96 issue 22

Research funded by Advanced Photon Sciences | Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft | Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics | Georgia State University | Basic Energy Sciences | U.S. Department of Energy (DE-SC0007043) | Air Force Office of Scientific Research (FA9550-15-1-0037)

Authors: Michael S. Wismer, Mark I. Stockman, Vladislav S. Yakovlev

Celestine in a sulfidic spring barite deposit - A potential biomarker?

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Chemical Geology volume 440 on pages 15 to 25

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1053312, EAR-1128799) | Kent State University | Advanced Photon Sciences | Argonne National Laboratory | U.S. Department of Energy (DE-FG02-94ER14466) | Basic Energy Sciences (DE-AC02-06CH11357)

Authors: David M. Singer, Elizabeth M. Griffith, John M. Senko, Kaci Fitzgibbon, Inoka H. Widanagamage

Structural and magnetic properties of nickel antimony ferrospinels

Journal Article published May 2015 in Materials Chemistry and Physics volume 158 on pages 127 to 137

Research funded by University of Washington | Russian Foundation for Basic Research | Basic Energy Sciences | U.S. Department of Energy (DE-AC02-06CH11357) | Argonne National Laboratory | Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education | Vetenskapsrådet | Advanced Photon Sciences | Göran Gustafsson Foundation | Canadian Light Source

Authors: S.A. Ivanov, R. Tellgren, F. Porcher, G. André, T. Ericsson, P. Nordblad, N. Sadovskaya, G. Kaleva, E. Politova, M. Baldini, C. Sun, D. Arvanitis, P. Anil Kumar, R. Mathieu