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The effect of coral restoration on Caribbean reef fish communities

Journal Article published 2 Nov 2017 in Marine Biology volume 164 issue 12

Research funded by Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University | Center for the Environment, Harvard University | Faculty of Arts and Sciences | Directorate for Biological Sciences (1402447) | Marine Conservation Action Fund

Authors: Ann H Opel, Colleen M Cavanaugh, Randi D Rotjan, Joey Pakes Nelson

Responses to cultural diversity in Botswana’s schools: links between national policy, school actions and students’ civic equality

Journal Article published 6 Nov 2017 in Journal of Curriculum Studies volume 50 issue 3 on pages 364 to 386

Research funded by Fulbright Association | Harvard University | National Academy of Education/ Spencer Foundation | Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University | U.S. Department of State | Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, Harvard University | Spencer Foundation

Authors: Bethany Mulimbi, Sarah Dryden-Peterson

Reciting, Chanting, and Singing: The Codification of Vocal Music in Buddhist Canon Law

Journal Article published 9 Jul 2018 in Journal of Indian Philosophy volume 46 issue 4 on pages 713 to 752

Research funded by Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University | China Times Cultural Foundation | Sheng Yen Educational Foundation | Harvard South Asia Institute | Faculty of Arts and Sciences | Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation

Authors: Cuilan Liu

A site for sori: Ecophysiology of fertile-sterile leaf dimorphy in ferns

Journal Article published May 2016 in American Journal of Botany volume 103 issue 5 on pages 845 to 855

Research funded by NSF REU | Harvard Forest, Harvard University | Mercer Fellowship | Arnold Arboretum

Authors: James E. Watkins, Amber C. Churchill, N. Michele Holbrook

Stoichiometry of cationic nutrients in Phaeozems derived from skarn and Acrisols from other parent materials in lowland forests of Thailand

Journal Article published Mar 2018 in Geoderma Regional volume 12 on pages 1 to 9

Research funded by Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute | National Institute for Environmental Studies | Royal Government of Thailand | Arnold Arboretum | Harvard Forest, Harvard University | Sigma Xi | NERC (NE/L012774/1) | Rockefeller Foundation | CTFS | US-AID | John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation | National Science Foundation (DEB.0075334)

Authors: Ian C. Baillie, Sarayudh Bunyavejchewin, Manop Kaewfoo, Patrick J. Baker, Stephen H. Hallett

Does ecological specialization transcend scale? Habitat partitioning among individuals and species ofAnolislizards

Journal Article published 6 Jan 2017 in Evolution volume 71 issue 3 on pages 541 to 549

Research funded by Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University | Center for the Environment, Harvard University | Harvard College Research Program

Authors: Ambika Kamath, Jonathan B. Losos

A Phylogenomic Solution to the Origin of Insects by Resolving Crustacean-Hexapod Relationships

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Current Biology volume 27 issue 12 on pages 1818 to 1824.e5

Research funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG SCHW 1810/1-1) | Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University | Waitt Foundation (W313-14) | National Science Foundation (1402447) | Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Authors: Martin Schwentner, David J. Combosch, Joey Pakes Nelson, Gonzalo Giribet

Genomic signatures of evolution in Nautilus -An endangered living fossil

Journal Article published 7 Oct 2017 in Molecular Ecology volume 26 issue 21 on pages 5923 to 5938

Research funded by Faculty of Arts and Sciences | Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

Authors: David J. Combosch, Sarah Lemer, Peter D. Ward, Neil H. Landman, Gonzalo Giribet

Mycorrhizal detection of native and non-native truffles in a historic arboretum and the discovery of a new North American species, Tuber arnoldianum sp. nov.

Journal Article published 10 Jun 2016 in Mycorrhiza volume 26 issue 7 on pages 781 to 792

Research funded by Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Prize Award, Microbial Sciences Initiative) | Arnold Arboretum (Sargent Award) | U.S. Department of Agriculture (FLA-PLP-005289)

Authors: Rosanne A. Healy, Hannah Zurier, Gregory Bonito, Matthew E. Smith, Donald H. Pfister

A Randomized, Controlled, Multicenter Study of Technology-Based Weight Loss Interventions among Endometrial Cancer Survivors

Journal Article published 31 Oct 2017 in Obesity volume 25 on pages S102 to S108

Research funded by Harvard Transdisciplinary Research in Energetics and Cancer Center, Harvard University (NCI U54-CA155850) | University of Pennsylvania (U54 CA155626) | Harvard University (U54 CA155496CC) | University of Washington (U01 CA116850) | Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Authors: Ashley F. Haggerty, Andrea Hagemann, Matthew Barnett, Mark Thornquist, Marian L. Neuhouser, Neil Horowitz, Graham A. Colditz, David B. Sarwer, Emily M. Ko, Kelly C. Allison