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Who runs the international system? Nationality and leadership in the United Nations Secretariat

Journal Article published 13 Jan 2018 in The Review of International Organizations

Research funded by National Bureau of Economic Research | Harvard Business School

Authors: Paul Novosad, Eric Werker

Doing Bad by Doing Good? Theft and Abuse by Lenders in the Microfinance Markets of Uganda

Journal Article published 17 May 2016 in Studies in Comparative International Development volume 51 issue 2 on pages 189 to 208

Research funded by Harvard Business School | Stanford University

Authors: Catherine S. M. Duggan

Investment Incentives in Open-Source and Proprietary Two-Sided Platforms

Journal Article published 4 May 2015 in Journal of Economics & Management Strategy volume 24 issue 2 on pages 306 to 324

Research funded by Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Científico y Tecnológico (11110043) | Harvard Business School

Authors: Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Gastón Llanes

Cross-boundary teaming for innovation: Integrating research on teams and knowledge in organizations

Journal Article published Dec 2018 in Human Resource Management Review volume 28 issue 4 on pages 347 to 360

Research funded by Harvard Business School | Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (756-2014-0015)

Authors: Amy C. Edmondson, Jean-François Harvey

Bundling and quality assurance

Journal Article published 9 Feb 2018 in The RAND Journal of Economics volume 49 issue 1 on pages 128 to 154

Research funded by Harvard Business School | Yale School of Management | National Science Foundation (SES-1155761)

Authors: James D. Dana, Kathryn E. Spier

Global Surgery 2030: evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development

Journal Article published Aug 2015 in The Lancet volume 386 issue 9993 on pages 569 to 624

Research funded by Harvard Medical School | National Cancer Institute | Operation Smile | Boston Children's Hospital | Indian Institute of Management Bangalore | Lunds Universitet | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland | Svenska Sällskapet för Medicinsk Forskning | Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo | Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research | Harvard Medical School Center for Global Health Delivery-Dubai | Kings College London | Ethicon | Steven C. and Carmella R. Kletjian Foundation, Inc. | Pershing Square | Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain | Babson College | Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation | Darden School of Business, University of Virginia | Rockefeller Foundation | Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh | Harvard Business School | Svenska Läkaresällskapet | Melbourne Business School

Authors: John G Meara, Andrew J M Leather, Lars Hagander, Blake C Alkire, Nivaldo Alonso, Emmanuel A Ameh, Stephen W Bickler, Lesong Conteh, Anna J Dare, Justine Davies, Eunice Dérivois Mérisier, Shenaaz El-Halabi, Paul E Farmer, Atul Gawande, Rowan Gillies, Sarah L M Greenberg, Caris E Grimes, Russell L Gruen, Edna Adan Ismail, Thaim Buya Kamara, Chris Lavy, Ganbold Lundeg, Nyengo C Mkandawire, Nakul P Raykar, Johanna N Riesel, Edgar Rodas, John Rose, Nobhojit Roy, Mark G Shrime, Richard Sullivan, Stéphane Verguet, David Watters, Thomas G Weiser, Iain H Wilson, Gavin Yamey, Winnie Yip

Rainmakers: Why bad weather means good productivity.

Journal Article published 2014 in Journal of Applied Psychology volume 99 issue 3 on pages 504 to 513

Research funded by Harvard Business School | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Authors: Jooa Julia Lee, Francesca Gino, Bradley R. Staats

Revenue management by sequential screening

Journal Article published Sep 2015 in Journal of Economic Theory volume 159 on pages 728 to 774

Research funded by National Science Foundation (CMMI 1351821, CMMI 1334194) | Booth School of Business | University of Chicago | Carnegie Mellon University | Kellogg School of Management | Harvard Business School | Northeastern University

Authors: Mustafa Akan, Barış Ata, James D. Dana

Price discrimination on booking time

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in International Journal of Industrial Organization volume 43 on pages 175 to 181

Research funded by Harvard Business School | Northeastern University | Institute for Mind and Body, University of Chicago | Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University

Authors: Barış Ata, James D. Dana

Reconstructing the trophic history of the Black Sea shelf

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Continental Shelf Research volume 150 on pages 1 to 9

Research funded by Seventh Framework Programme | Harvard Business School | European Commission

Authors: Oleg Yunev, Violeta Velikova, Jacob Carstensen

State ownership reinvented? Explaining performance differences between state-owned and private firms

Journal Article published 10 May 2018 in Corporate Governance: An International Review volume 26 issue 4 on pages 255 to 272

Research funded by Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico | Harvard Business School | Insper Institute of Education and Research

Authors: Sergio G. Lazzarini, Aldo Musacchio

The impact of a surprise donation ask

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Journal of Public Economics volume 158 on pages 152 to 167

Research funded by George Mason University | Harvard Business School | Stanford University | Texas A and M University

Authors: Christine L. Exley, Ragan Petrie

The real effects of capital controls: Firm-level evidence from a policy experiment

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in Journal of International Economics volume 108 on pages 191 to 210

Research funded by Harvard Business School

Authors: Laura Alfaro, Anusha Chari, Fabio Kanczuk

What Do State-Owned Development Banks Do? Evidence from BNDES, 2002–09

Journal Article published Feb 2015 in World Development volume 66 on pages 237 to 253

Research funded by Harvard Business School | Insper | Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico

Authors: Sergio G. Lazzarini, Aldo Musacchio, Rodrigo Bandeira-de-Mello, Rosilene Marcon

The Effect of Graphic Warnings on Sugary-Drink Purchasing

Journal Article published 18 Jun 2018 in Psychological Science volume 29 issue 8 on pages 1321 to 1333

Research funded by Harvard University Behavioral Insights Group (n/a) | Harvard Business School (n/a)

Authors: Grant E. Donnelly, Laura Y. Zatz, Dan Svirsky, Leslie K. John

Co-option and evolution of non-olfactory proteinaceous pheromones in a terrestrial lungless salamander

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Journal of Proteomics volume 135 on pages 101 to 111

Research funded by National Science Foundation (IOS-1146899, IOS-1147271) | Harvard Business School | University of Louisville

Authors: Kari A. Doty, Damien B. Wilburn, Kathleen E. Bowen, Pamela W. Feldhoff, Richard C. Feldhoff

Director Tenure Diversity and Board Monitoring Effectiveness

Journal Article published 30 Oct 2017 in Contemporary Accounting Research volume 35 issue 3 on pages 1363 to 1394

Research funded by University of Toronto | Singapore Management University | Harvard Business School

Authors: Na Li, Aida Sijamic Wahid

Social and Spatial Clustering of People at Humanity’s Largest Gathering

Journal Article published 3 Jun 2016 in PLOS ONE volume 11 issue 6 on page e0156794

Research funded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (2T32ES007142-31) | Harvard School of Public Health (Career Incubator Award) | Harvard Business School

Authors: Ian Barnett, Tarun Khanna, Jukka-Pekka Onnela

Editors: Renaud Lambiotte

Managing perceptions of distress at work: Reframing emotion as passion

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes volume 137 on pages 1 to 12

Research funded by Harvard Business School

Authors: Elizabeth Baily Wolf, Jooa Julia Lee, Sunita Sah, Alison Wood Brooks

Disruptive Innovation: An Intellectual History and Directions for Future Research

Journal Article published 29 Aug 2018 in Journal of Management Studies volume 55 issue 7 on pages 1043 to 1078

Research funded by Harvard Business School

Authors: Clayton M. Christensen, Rory McDonald, Elizabeth J. Altman, Jonathan E. Palmer