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Reproducing spaces of embeddedness through Islamic NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa: reflections on the post-2015 development agenda

Journal Article published 10 Feb 2016 in African Geographical Review volume 36 issue 1 on pages 85 to 99

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP 6-1272-5-160)

Authors: M. Evren Tok, Ben O’Bright

Fluid–structure interaction for nonlinear response of shells conveying pulsatile flow

Journal Article published Jun 2016 in Journal of Sound and Vibration volume 371 on pages 252 to 276

Research funded by NSERC Discovery Grant Program | Qatar Foundation | Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) | Canada Research Chairs

Authors: Eleonora Tubaldi, Marco Amabili, Michael P. Païdoussis

Dark states and delocalization: Competing effects of quantum coherence on the efficiency of light harvesting systems

Journal Article published 14 Feb 2018 in The Journal of Chemical Physics volume 148 issue 6 on page 064304

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRPX-107-1-027)

Authors: Zixuan Hu, Gregory S. Engel, Fahhad H. Alharbi, Sabre Kais

Study protocol: Mother and Infant Nutritional Assessment (MINA) cohort study in Qatar and Lebanon

Journal Article published 4 May 2016 in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth volume 16 issue 1

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP 6 - 247 - 3 - 061)

Authors: Farah Naja, Lara Nasreddine, Al Anoud Al Thani, Khaled Yunis, Michael Clinton, Anwar Nassar, Sara Farhat Jarrar, Patricia Moghames, Ghina Ghazeeri, Sajjad Rahman, Walaa Al-Chetachi, Eman Sadoun, Nibal Lubbad, Zelaikha Bashwar, Hiba Bawadi, Nahla Hwalla

Connecting bright and dark states through accidental degeneracy caused by lack of symmetry

Journal Article published 28 May 2018 in The Journal of Chemical Physics volume 148 issue 20 on page 204307

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP X-107-010027)

Authors: Zixuan Hu, Gregory S. Engel, Sabre Kais

Probing methane in air with a midinfrared frequency comb source

Journal Article published 31 Jul 2017 in Applied Optics volume 56 issue 22 on page 6311

Research funded by Welch Foundation (A1546) | Qatar Foundation (NPRP 8-735-1-154)

Authors: Feng Zhu, Jinbao Xia, Aysenur Bicer, James Bounds, Alexandre Kolomenskii, James Strohaber, Lewis Johnson, Mahmood Amani, Hans Schuessler

3D dynamic displacement-field measurement for structural health monitoring using inexpensive RGB-D based sensor

Journal Article published 8 Nov 2017 in Smart Materials and Structures volume 26 issue 12 on page 125016

Research funded by Qatar Foundation

Authors: Mohamed Abdelbarr, Yulu Luke Chen, Mohammad R Jahanshahi, Sami F Masri, Wei-Men Shen, Uvais A Qidwai

Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) as a Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) in Qatar: a Perspective from Grade 10 Chemistry Classes

Journal Article published 10 Apr 2018 in Research in Science Education

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP No: 6-1424-5-178)

Authors: David F. Treagust, Sheila S. Qureshi, Venkat Rao Vishnumolakala, Joseph Ojeil, Mauro Mocerino, Daniel C. Southam

Setting up a National Research Data Curation Service for Qatar: Challenges and Opportunities

Journal Article published 2 Apr 2018 in International Journal of Digital Curation volume 12 issue 2 on pages 146 to 156

Research funded by Qatar Foundation

Authors: Arif Shaon, Armin Straube, Krishna Roy Chowdhury

Reliability approximation of k-out-of-n pairs: G balanced systems with spatially distributed units

Journal Article published 21 Mar 2018 in IISE Transactions volume 50 issue 7 on pages 616 to 626

Research funded by Qatar Foundation

Authors: Dingguo Hua, Elsayed A. Elsayed