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Reproducing spaces of embeddedness through Islamic NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa: reflections on the post-2015 development agenda

Journal Article published 10 Feb 2016 in African Geographical Review volume 36 issue 1 on pages 85 to 99

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP 6-1272-5-160)

Authors: M. Evren Tok, Ben O’Bright

Probing methane in air with a midinfrared frequency comb source

Journal Article published 31 Jul 2017 in Applied Optics volume 56 issue 22 on page 6311

Research funded by Welch Foundation (A1546) | Qatar Foundation (NPRP 8-735-1-154)

Authors: Feng Zhu, Jinbao Xia, Aysenur Bicer, James Bounds, Alexandre Kolomenskii, James Strohaber, Lewis Johnson, Mahmood Amani, Hans Schuessler

Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) as a Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) in Qatar: a Perspective from Grade 10 Chemistry Classes

Journal Article published 10 Apr 2018 in Research in Science Education

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP No: 6-1424-5-178)

Authors: David F. Treagust, Sheila S. Qureshi, Venkat Rao Vishnumolakala, Joseph Ojeil, Mauro Mocerino, Daniel C. Southam

Setting up a National Research Data Curation Service for Qatar: Challenges and Opportunities

Journal Article published 2 Apr 2018 in International Journal of Digital Curation volume 12 issue 2 on pages 146 to 156

Research funded by Qatar Foundation

Authors: Arif Shaon, Armin Straube, Krishna Roy Chowdhury

Reliability approximation of k-out-of-n pairs: G balanced systems with spatially distributed units

Journal Article published 21 Mar 2018 in IISE Transactions volume 50 issue 7 on pages 616 to 626

Research funded by Qatar Foundation

Authors: Dingguo Hua, Elsayed A. Elsayed

Evolution of selenophosphate synthetases: emergence and relocation of function through independent duplications and recurrent subfunctionalization

Journal Article published 20 Jul 2015 in Genome Research volume 25 issue 9 on pages 1256 to 1267

Research funded by Spanish Ministry of Science (BIO2011-26205) | Catalan Government (SGR-1430) | Ministry of Education (AP2008-04334) | Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (BIO2012-37161) | Qatar Foundation (NPRP 5-298-3-086) | European Research Council (ERC-2012-StG-310325) | National Institutes of Health (GM061603)

Authors: Marco Mariotti, Didac Santesmasses, Salvador Capella-Gutierrez, Andrea Mateo, Carme Arnan, Rory Johnson, Salvatore D'Aniello, Sun Hee Yim, Vadim N. Gladyshev, Florenci Serras, Montserrat Corominas, Toni Gabaldón, Roderic Guigó

Bullying and Cyberbullying: Their Legal Status and Use in Psychological Assessment

Journal Article published 24 Nov 2017 in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health volume 14 issue 12 on page 1449

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP 5-1134-3-240)

Authors: Muthanna Samara, Vicky Burbidge, Aiman El Asam, Mairéad Foody, Peter Smith, Hisham Morsi

Isolation, differentiation and biodiversity of ureolytic bacteria of Qatari soil and their potential in microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP) for soil stabilization

Journal Article published 2018 in RSC Advances volume 8 issue 11 on pages 5854 to 5863

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP 819292766)

Authors: Shazia Bibi, Meriam Oualha, Mohammad Yousaf Ashfaq, Muhannad T. Suleiman, Nabil Zouari

A collection of annotated and harmonized human breast cancer transcriptome datasets, including immunologic classification

Journal Article published 9 Feb 2018 in F1000Research volume 6 on page 296

Research funded by Qatar National Research Fund (JSREP07-010-3-005) | Qatar Foundation

Authors: Jessica Roelands, Julie Decock, Sabri Boughorbel, Darawan Rinchai, Cristina Maccalli, Michele Ceccarelli, Michael Black, Cris Print, Jeff Chou, Scott Presnell, Charlie Quinn, Puthen Jithesh, Najeeb Syed, Salha B.J. Al Bader, Shahinaz Bedri, Ena Wang, Francesco M. Marincola, Damien Chaussabel, Peter Kuppen, Lance D. Miller, Davide Bedognetti, Wouter Hendrickx

The risk of carriage ofSalmonellaspp. andListeria monocytogenesin food animals in dynamic populations

Journal Article published 24 Jun 2016 in Veterinary Medicine and Science volume 2 issue 4 on pages 246 to 254

Research funded by Qatar Foundation (NPRP-08-456-4-009)

Authors: Korana Stipetic, Yu-Chen Chang, Kenlyn Peters, Ahmed Salem, Sanjay H. Doiphode, Patrick L. McDonough, Yung Fu Chang, Ali Sultan, Hussni O. Mohammed