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Novel MILP Scheduling Model for Power-Intensive Processes under Time-Sensitive Electricity Prices

Journal Article published 24 Jan 2018 in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research volume 57 issue 5 on pages 1581 to 1592

Research funded by Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (PIP 112 20150100641) | Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica (PICT-2014-2392) | Air Liquide

Authors: Natalia P. Basán, Ignacio E. Grossmann, Ajit Gopalakrishnan, Irene Lotero, Carlos A. Méndez

Diffusion Reaction of Carbon Monoxide in the Human Lung

Journal Article published 18 Aug 2017 in Physical Review Letters volume 119 issue 7

Research funded by Air Liquide

Authors: M.-Y. Kang, H. Guénard, B. Sapoval

Identification of the rate-determining step in oxygen transport through La(1−x)SrxFe(1−y)GayO3−δ perovskite membranes

Journal Article published Feb 2015 in Journal of Membrane Science volume 476 on pages 340 to 347

Research funded by Air Liquide | Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique | ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency)

Authors: P.M. Geffroy, M. Reichmann, L. Kilmann, J. Jouin, N. Richet, T. Chartier

Thermodynamics and kinetics of CH 4 /CO 2 binary mixture separation by metal-organic frameworks from isotope exchange and adsorption break-through

Journal Article published Jun 2018 in Microporous and Mesoporous Materials volume 263 on pages 165 to 172

Research funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | Air Liquide

Authors: Renju Zacharia, Luis Fernando Gomez, Richard Chahine, Daniel Cossement, Pierre Benard

Modeling of hydrogen explosion on a pressure swing adsorption facility

Journal Article published Apr 2014 in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy volume 39 issue 11 on pages 6210 to 6221

Research funded by Air Liquide

Authors: B. Angers, A. Hourri, P. Benard, E. Demaël, S. Ruban, S. Jallais

An injection and mixing element for delivery and monitoring of inhaled nitric oxide

Journal Article published 30 Aug 2016 in BioMedical Engineering OnLine volume 15 issue 1

Research funded by Air Liquide

Authors: Andrew R. Martin, Chris Jackson, Samuel Fromont, Chloe Pont, Ira M. Katz, Georges Caillobotte

Improvement of oxygen flux through perovskite membranes using a coating of ultra-divided particles

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 156 on pages 128 to 135

Research funded by Air Liquide | French Environment and Energy Management Agency | Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie

Authors: L. Guironnet, P.-M. Geffroy, N. Richet, T. Chartier

Carbon biogeochemistry and CO2 emissions in a human impacted and mangrove dominated tropical estuary (Can Gio, Vietnam)

Journal Article published 27 Apr 2018 in Biogeochemistry volume 138 issue 3 on pages 261 to 275

Research funded by Air Liquide | Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche

Authors: Frank David, Tarik Meziane, Nhu-Trang Tran-Thi, Vinh Truong Van, Nguyen Thanh-Nho, Pierre Taillardat, Cyril Marchand

Hydrogen Solubility of Magnetron Co-Sputtered FCC and BCC PdCuAu Thin Films

Journal Article published 4 Mar 2016 in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C volume 120 issue 10 on pages 5297 to 5307

Research funded by Air Liquide | Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Authors: Bruno Honrado Guerreiro, Manuel. H. Martin, Lionel Roué, Daniel Guay

Impact of hydrofluorocarbon molecular structure parameters on plasma etching of ultra-low-K dielectric

Journal Article published May 2016 in Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films volume 34 issue 3 on page 031306

Research funded by Air Liquide

Authors: Chen Li, Rahul Gupta, Venkateswara Pallem, Gottlieb S. Oehrlein

Assessing the contribution of porewater discharge in carbon export and CO 2 evasion in a mangrove tidal creek (Can Gio, Vietnam)

Journal Article published Aug 2018 in Journal of Hydrology volume 563 on pages 303 to 318

Research funded by National University of Singapore | University of Waikato | University of Twente | Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee | Ministry of Education | Air Liquide | Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek

Authors: Pierre Taillardat, Pim Willemsen, Cyril Marchand, Daniel A. Friess, David Widory, Paul Baudron, Van Vinh Truong, Thanh-Nho Nguyễn, Alan D. Ziegler

Aedes aegypti Larvicidal Sesquiterpene Alkaloids from Maytenus oblongata

Journal Article published 10 Feb 2017 in Journal of Natural Products volume 80 issue 2 on pages 384 to 390

Research funded by Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR-10-LABX-25-01) | European Regional Development Fund (31220) | Air Liquide | STRonGer Consortium | Conseil R?gional de la Guyane

Authors: Seindé Touré, Charlotte Nirma, Michael Falkowski, Isabelle Dusfour, Isabelle Boulogne, Arnaud Jahn-Oyac, Maïra Coke, Didier Azam, Romain Girod, Céline Moriou, Guillaume Odonne, Didier Stien, Emeline Houël, Véronique Eparvier

Effect of flowthrough cooling heat removal on the performances of MOF-5 cryo-adsorptive hydrogen reservoir for bulk storage applications

Journal Article published Aug 2015 in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy volume 40 issue 30 on pages 9314 to 9325

Research funded by Natural Science and Engineering Research Council | Air Liquide | H2Can network

Authors: Siyad Ubaid, Renju Zacharia, Jinsheng Xiao, Richard Chahine, Pierre Bénard, Pascal Tessier

Hydrogenated Silicon Nitride SiNx:H Deposited by Dielectric Barrier Discharge for Photovoltaics

Journal Article published 16 Dec 2015 in Plasma Processes and Polymers volume 13 issue 1 on pages 170 to 183

Research funded by Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie | Air Liquide

Authors: Françoise Massines, José Silva, Jean-François Lelièvre, Rémy Bazinette, Julien Vallade, Paul Lecouvreur, Sylvain Pouliquen

ASACT - Data preparation for forecasting: A method to substitute transaction data for unavailable product consumption data

Journal Article published Sep 2018 in International Journal of Production Economics volume 203 on pages 264 to 275

Research funded by Air Liquide (RDCPJ 492021-15) | National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

Authors: Paul W. Murray, Bruno Agard, Marco A. Barajas

Volcanic gas emissions and degassing dynamics at Ubinas and Sabancaya volcanoes; implications for the volatile budget of the central volcanic zone

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research volume 343 on pages 181 to 191

Research funded by Royal Geographical Society | Deep Carbon Observatory DECADE Initiative | Ocean Optics | Crowcon | Air Liquide | Thermo Fisher Scientific | Cactus Outdoor | Turbo Ace | Team Black Sheep

Authors: Yves Moussallam, Giancarlo Tamburello, Nial Peters, Fredy Apaza, C. Ian Schipper, Aaron Curtis, Alessandro Aiuppa, Pablo Masias, Marie Boichu, Sophie Bauduin, Talfan Barnie, Philipson Bani, Gaetano Giudice, Manuel Moussallam

Molecular layer deposition of “vanadicone”, a vanadium-based hybrid material, as an electrode for lithium-ion batteries

Journal Article published 2017 in Dalton Transactions volume 46 issue 14 on pages 4542 to 4553

Research funded by Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek | Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds | Air Liquide | Agentschap voor Innovatie door Wetenschap en Technologie (Soslion)

Authors: Kevin Van de Kerckhove, Felix Mattelaer, Jolien Dendooven, Christophe Detavernier

Effect of addition of oxygen and water vapor on fretting fatigue properties of an austenitic stainless steel in hydrogen

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy volume 40 issue 47 on pages 16868 to 16877

Research funded by Air Liquide | World Premier International Research Center Initiative | International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research, Kyushu University (WPI-I2CNER)

Authors: Ryosuke Komoda, Masanobu Kubota, Jader Furtado

In Situ IR Characterization of CO Interacting with Rh Nanoparticles Obtained by Calcination and Reduction of Hydrotalcite-Type Precursors

Journal Article published 22 Aug 2011 in International Journal of Spectroscopy volume 2011 on pages 1 to 8

Research funded by Air Liquide

Authors: F. Basile, I. Bersani, P. Del Gallo, S. Fiorilli, G. Fornasari, D. Gary, R. Mortera, B. Onida, A. Vaccari

The effect of disease and respiration on airway shape in patients with moderate persistent asthma

Journal Article published 31 Jul 2017 in PLOS ONE volume 12 issue 7 on page e0182052

Research funded by Air Liquide

Authors: Spyridon Montesantos, Ira Katz, Jose Venegas, Marine Pichelin, Georges Caillibotte

Editors: Alexander Larcombe