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Equine atypical myopathy in the UK: Epidemiological characteristics of cases reported from 2011 to 2015 and factors associated with survival

Journal Article published 19 Jun 2017 in Equine Veterinary Journal volume 49 issue 6 on pages 746 to 752

Research funded by Animal Health Trust | The Horse Trust (G6015)

Authors: S. González-Medina, J. L. Ireland, R. J. Piercy, J. R. Newton, D. M. Votion

Conjunctival flora of healthy and diseased eyes of grey seals (Halichoerus grypus): implications for treatment

Journal Article published 17 May 2016 in Veterinary Record volume 179 issue 4 on pages 99 to 99

Research funded by Animal Health Trust

Authors: M. Fleming, S. Bexton

Immunomodulatory effects of Echinacea and Pelargonium on the innate and adoptive immunity in calves

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Food and Agricultural Immunology volume 29 issue 1 on pages 744 to 761

Research funded by University of Istanbul, Veterinary Faculty | Animal Health Trust

Authors: Cuneyt Seckin, Gamze Alpun Kalayci, Nuri Turan, Aysun Yilmaz, Utku Y. Cizmecigil, Ozge Aydin, Juergen A. Richt, Huseyin Yilmaz

Is noise reactivity reflected in auditory response variables, including those that measure cognition, in dogs? Initial findings

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Journal of Veterinary Behavior volume 16 on pages 65 to 75

Research funded by U.S. Department of Defense (W911NF-14-1-0574, W911NF-14-1-0574 565053, 65366-LS) | The Kennel Club | Dogs Trust | Animal Health Trust | Dick White Referrals

Authors: Peter M. Scheifele, Kristine E. Sonstrom, Arthur E. Dunham, Karen L. Overall

Prevalence and disease associations of superantigens szeF, szeN and szeP in the S. zooepidemicus population and possible functional redundancy of szeF

Journal Article published Dec 2014 in Research in Veterinary Science volume 97 issue 3 on pages 481 to 487

Research funded by Animal Health Trust

Authors: N.L. Rash, C. Robinson, N. DeSouza, S. Nair, H. Hodgson, K. Steward, A.S. Waller, R. Paillot

Characterisation of extended-spectrum β-lactamase and AmpC β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae isolated from companion animals in New Zealand

Journal Article published 5 Feb 2017 in New Zealand Veterinary Journal volume 65 issue 2 on pages 105 to 112

Research funded by Animal Health Trust (contract 3000021749) | Companion Animal Health Foundation

Authors: A Karkaba, A Grinberg, J Benschop, E Pleydell

Nevus of Ota (oculodermal melanocytosis) in a dog

Journal Article published 25 Jul 2017 in Veterinary Ophthalmology volume 21 issue 3 on pages 312 to 318

Research funded by Animal Health Trust

Authors: Pedro Malho, Anita Shea, David Donaldson

Evaluation of Minichromosome Maintenance Protein 7 and c-KIT as Prognostic Markers in Feline Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumours

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in Journal of Comparative Pathology volume 153 issue 4 on pages 244 to 250

Research funded by Finn Pathologists | Animal Health Trust

Authors: M.J. Dobromylskyj, R. Rasotto, K. Melville, K.C. Smith, D. Berlato

Refinement of the equine influenza model in the natural host: A meta-analysis to determine the benefits of individual nebulisation for experimental infection and vaccine evaluation in the face of decreased strain pathogenicity

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Veterinary Microbiology volume 211 on pages 150 to 159

Research funded by Horserace Betting Levy Board, UK | Animal Health Trust | Elanco Animal Health

Authors: Dion Garrett, Fernando Montesso, Stéphanie Fougerolle, Maria R. Lopez-Alvarez, Ilhan Birand, Manuelle De Bock, Chengjin M. Huang, Loïc Legrand, Stéphane Pronost, Romain Paillot

Genetic diversity of equine herpesvirus 1 isolated from neurological, abortigenic and respiratory disease outbreaks

Journal Article published 9 Feb 2018 in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases volume 65 issue 3 on pages 817 to 832

Research funded by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Capability and Challenge Programme) | Alborada Trust | Animal Health Trust | Horserace Betting Levy Board | Medical Research Council (MC_UU_12014/3)

Authors: N. A. Bryant, G. S. Wilkie, C. A. Russell, L. Compston, D. Grafham, L. Clissold, K. McLay, L. Medcalf, R. Newton, A. J. Davison, D. M. Elton