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Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco
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Development and validation of a serum total testosterone liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS) assay calibrated to NIST SRM 971

Journal Article published Jan 2013 in Clinica Chimica Acta volume 415 on pages 109 to 117

Research funded by Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco | Department of Laboratory Medicine

Authors: Deborah French

Clock Gene Dysregulation Induced by Chronic ER Stress Disrupts β-cell Function

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in EBioMedicine volume 18 on pages 146 to 156

Research funded by Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco | Juntendo University | School of Medicine | Northwestern University

Authors: Yasuharu Ohta, Akihiko Taguchi, Takuro Matsumura, Hiroko Nakabayashi, Masaru Akiyama, Kaoru Yamamoto, Ruriko Fujimoto, Risa Suetomi, Akie Yanai, Koh Shinoda, Yukio Tanizawa

NOTCH1 regulates matrix gla protein and calcification gene networks in human valve endothelium

Journal Article published Jul 2015 in Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology volume 84 on pages 13 to 23

Research funded by American Heart Association (AHA) (11SDG5190024) | Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco (T32GM007618, T32HD007470) | Eugene Roddenberry Foundation | NIH/NCRR (C06RR018928) | California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (RB3-05174) | Australian Historical Association (0815273F) | NIA/NIH (R01 AG039545) | Winslow Postdoctoral Fellowship | AHA Predoctoral Fellowship (13PRE13930021) | NHLBI/NIH (U01 HL100405, U01 HL098179, HL106582) | L.K. Whittier Foundation | William Younger Family Foundation

Authors: Mark P. White, Christina V. Theodoris, Lei Liu, William J. Collins, Kathleen W. Blue, Joon Ho Lee, Xianzhong Meng, Robert C. Robbins, Kathryn N. Ivey, Deepak Srivastava

Bone Marrow Fat Changes After Gastric Bypass Surgery Are Associated With Loss of Bone Mass

Journal Article published 9 Aug 2017 in Journal of Bone and Mineral Research volume 32 issue 11 on pages 2239 to 2247

Research funded by American Society for Bone and Mineral Research | U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (CX000549) | National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (UL1 TR000004) | Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco | National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases | National Institutes of Health (5T32 DK007418-35, R01 DK107629) | Wilsey Family Foundation

Authors: Tiffany Y Kim, Ann V Schwartz, Xiaojuan Li, Kaipin Xu, Dennis M Black, Dimitry M Petrenko, Lygia Stewart, Stanley J Rogers, Andrew M Posselt, Jonathan T Carter, Dolores M Shoback, Anne L Schafer

Making sense of the sensory regulation of hunger neurons

Journal Article published 22 Feb 2016 in BioEssays volume 38 issue 4 on pages 316 to 324

Research funded by New York Stem Cell Foundation | Rita Allen Foundation | McKnight Foundation | Alfred P. Sloan Foundation | Brain and Behavior Research Foundation | Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Foundation | Program for Breakthrough Biological Research | Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco (P30 DK063720) | New Innovator Award (DP2-DK109533, R01-DK106399)

Authors: Yiming Chen, Zachary A. Knight

Saturated Fatty Acids Engage an IRE1α-Dependent Pathway to Activate the NLRP3 Inflammasome in Myeloid Cells

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Cell Reports volume 14 issue 11 on pages 2611 to 2623

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (5K08DK080174, R01DK103175) | National Science Foundation | Diabetes Center, University of California, San Francisco | University of California, San Francisco

Authors: Megan M. Robblee, Charles C. Kim, Jess Porter Abate, Martin Valdearcos, Karin L.M. Sandlund, Meera K. Shenoy, Romain Volmer, Takao Iwawaki, Suneil K. Koliwad