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Profilin Negatively Regulates Formin-Mediated Actin Assembly to Modulate PAMP-Triggered Plant Immunity

Journal Article published Jun 2018 in Current Biology volume 28 issue 12 on pages 1882 to 1895.e7

Research funded by NTU startup grant (M4081533) | Ministry of the Environment (RG38/17-S) | ARISE-The Scoliosis Research Trust (M4082064) | MOE Tier 2 (2016-T2-1-005S) | MOE Tier 2 grant (2015-T2-1-078) | MOE Tier 1 (RG138/15) | ‘‘Hundred Talents’’ program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Authors: He Sun, Zhu Qiao, Khi Pin Chua, Alma Tursic, Xu Liu, Yong-Gui Gao, Yuguang Mu, Xingliang Hou, Yansong Miao