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Parents’ and teacher aides’ perceptions and expectations of the language and communication abilities of children with Down syndrome

Journal Article published 27 Aug 2018 in Speech, Language and Hearing on pages 1 to 12

Research funded by New Zealand Institute of Language Brain and Behaviour, University of Canterbury (052013)

Authors: Anne van Bysterveldt, Marleen Westerveld, Susanne Garvis

Plant, herbivore and parasitoid community composition in native Nothofagaceae forests vs. exotic pine plantations

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2018 in Journal of Applied Ecology volume 55 issue 3 on pages 1265 to 1275

Research funded by Marsden Fund (UOC-0802) | Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | Education New Zealand | University of Canterbury

Authors: Guadalupe Peralta, Carol M. Frost, Raphael K. Didham

Editors: Anibal Pauchard

Effects of asthma on breathing during reading aloud

Journal Article published 3 May 2017 in Speech, Language and Hearing volume 21 issue 1 on pages 30 to 40

Research funded by University of Canterbury

Authors: Beth Wiechern, Kathleen A. Liberty, Philip Pattemore, Emily Lin

Affect and Emotion in a Parent’s Engagement with Statutory Child-Protection Services: Navigating Stigma and ‘Identity Assault’

Journal Article published 6 Jul 2018 in The British Journal of Social Work

Research funded by Oakley Foundation for Mental Health Research | University of Canterbury

Authors: Don Quick, Anne L Scott

Russia’s “smart power” foreign policy and Antarctica

Journal Article published 2 Jul 2016 in The Polar Journal volume 6 issue 2 on pages 259 to 272

Research funded by University of Canterbury

Authors: Perry Carter, Anne-Marie Brady, Evgeny Pavlov

The use of a mass balance phosphorus budget for informing nutrient management in shallow coastal lakes

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Journal of Hydro-environment Research volume 10 on pages 32 to 49

Research funded by University of Canterbury | Meadow Mushrooms | Environment Canterbury

Authors: S. Waters, J.G. Webster-Brown

Quartz types of the Eocene Broken River Formation, Mount Somers, South Island, New Zealand

Journal Article published 2 Apr 2016 in New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics volume 59 issue 2 on pages 274 to 285

Research funded by University of Canterbury (postdoctoral reserach grant)

Authors: M Bernet, K Bassett

Phase-equilibrium geobarometers for silicic rocks based on rhyolite-MELTS. Part 4: Plagioclase, orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene, glass geobarometer, and application to Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand

Journal Article published 27 Dec 2017 in Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology volume 173 issue 1

Research funded by Division of Earth Sciences (1151337, 1321924) | Vanderbilt University | University of Canterbury | Royal Society of New Zealand (IMF 14-02) | Project Tongariro Memorial Award

Authors: Lydia J. Harmon, James Cowlyn, Guilherme A. R. Gualda, Mark S. Ghiorso

Phases in Collaboration: Using Schwab’s Deliberation to Respond to Change in Teacher Education

Journal Article published 19 Mar 2018 in Studying Teacher Education volume 14 issue 2 on pages 212 to 230

Research funded by University of Canterbury, teaching development grant (2016) | University of Canterbury

Authors: Chris North, Tracy Clelland, Heather Lindsay

Factors controlling labile soil organic matter vulnerability to loss following disturbance as assessed by measurement of soil-respired δ13CO2

Journal Article published 9 Dec 2014 in European Journal of Soil Science volume 66 issue 1 on pages 135 to 144

Research funded by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment | Landcare Research | University of Canterbury

Authors: A. Zakharova, M. H. Beare, E. Cieraad, D. Curtin, M. H. Turnbull, P. Millard

Habitat quality limits gene flow between populations of Bombus ruderatus in the South Island, New Zealand

Journal Article published 9 Feb 2016 in Conservation Genetics volume 17 issue 3 on pages 703 to 713

Research funded by University of Canterbury

Authors: Michael Bartlett, Roddy Hale, Marie Hale

Synthesis and incorporation of an advanced lipid peroxidation end-product building block into collagen mimetic peptides

Journal Article published 2017 in Chemical Communications volume 53 issue 60 on pages 8459 to 8462

Research funded by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (contract UOCX1208 to RCJD and AJF) | University of Canterbury (2014Seed)

Authors: Iman Kavianinia, Sung-Hyun Yang, Harveen Kaur, Paul W. R. Harris, Renwick C. J. Dobson, Antony J. Fairbanks, Margaret A. Brimble

Allosteric inhibitor specificity ofThermotoga maritima3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase

Journal Article published 31 Jul 2013 in FEBS Letters volume 587 issue 18 on pages 3063 to 3068

Research funded by New Zealand Marsden Fund (UOC1105) | University of Canterbury | New Zealand Synchrotron Group

Authors: Penelope J. Cross, Emily J. Parker


Journal Article published Dec 1991 in Evolution volume 45 issue 8 on pages 1957 to 1964

Research funded by New Zealand-United States Educational Foundation | University of Canterbury | National Science Foundation (BSR-9010556)

Authors: Lynda F. Delph, David G. Lloyd

Variation in foreign accent identification

Journal Article published 23 Jan 2018 in Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development volume 39 issue 8 on pages 688 to 702

Research funded by University of Canterbury

Authors: Ksenia Gnevsheva

The d-primary Brauer–Manin obstruction for curves

Journal Article published 29 May 2018 in Research in Number Theory volume 4 issue 2

Research funded by Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (DMS-1553459) | Simons Foundation (234591) | University of Canterbury (Visiting Erskine Fellowship)

Authors: Brendan Creutz, Bianca Viray, José Felipe Voloch

The role of nitric oxide in neurovascular coupling

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Journal of Theoretical Biology volume 394 on pages 1 to 17

Research funded by University of Canterbury

Authors: K. Dormanns, R.G. Brown, T. David

Enhanced pattern resolution, swelling-behaviour and biocompatibility of bioimprinted casein microdevices

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in AIP Advances volume 7 issue 11 on page 115019

Research funded by University of Canterbury

Authors: Azadeh Hashemi, Fanny de Decker, Louise Orcheston-Findlay, M. Azam Ali, Maan M. Alkaisi, Volker Nock

Effect of artificial shade and grazing removal on degraded grasslands: Implications of woody restoration for herbaceous vegetation

Journal Article published 30 Mar 2016 in Ecological Management & Restoration volume 17 issue 2 on pages 140 to 146

Research funded by University of Canterbury | Tindall Foundation

Authors: David A. Norton, Laura M. Young

The Christchurch earthquakes 2010, 2011: Geographies of an event

Journal Article published 5 Apr 2017 in New Zealand Geographer volume 73 issue 2 on pages 69 to 80

Research funded by Economic and Social Research Council | University of Canterbury | University of Auckland

Authors: Paul Cloke, Simon Dickinson, Sarah Tupper