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Comparative Study of Strain-Dependent Structural Changes of Silkworm Silks: Insight into the Structural Origin of Strain-Stiffening

Journal Article published 27 Oct 2017 in Small volume 13 issue 47 on page 1702266

Research funded by Air Force Office of Scientific Research | Australian Research Council (IH140100018) | Age Endeavour Fellowship | Department of Education and Training | Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, Government of Victoria

Authors: Chengchen Guo, Jin Zhang, Xungai Wang, Anh Tuan Nguyen, Xiang Yang Liu, David L. Kaplan

The eunuch archive: Colonial records of non-normative gender and sexuality in India

Journal Article published 25 Jan 2017 in Culture, Theory and Critique volume 58 issue 2 on pages 127 to 146

Research funded by Australian National University | Nanyang Technological University | Age Endeavour Fellowship

Authors: Jessica Hinchy

Marphysa(Eunicidae, polychaete, Annelida) species of the Sanguinea group from Australia, with comments on pseudo-cryptic species

Journal Article published 7 Nov 2016 in Invertebrate Biology volume 135 issue 4 on pages 328 to 344

Research funded by Age Endeavour Fellowship | NSW Recreational Fisheries Trust Grant | Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico

Authors: Joana Zanol, Thauane dos S. C. da Silva, Pat Hutchings

Growth factor inf(T,T)gravity

Journal Article published 2 Dec 2016 in Physical Review D volume 94 issue 12

Research funded by Age Endeavour Fellowship

Authors: Gabriel Farrugia, Jackson Levi Said

Metamorphic record of the NW Himalayan orogeny between the Indian plate-Kohistan Ladakh Arc and Asia: Revelations from foliation intersection axis (FIA) controlled P–T–t–d paths

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Tectonophysics volume 671 on pages 110 to 126

Research funded by Age Endeavour Fellowship | Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (CGL2010-21048) | Junta de Andalucía (P09-RNM-5388)

Authors: Mohammad Sayab, Syed Z. Shah, Domingo Aerden

Improving efficiency at highway T-junctions with connected and automated vehicles

Journal Article published 8 Nov 2018 in Transportmetrica A: Transport Science on pages 1 to 17

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (71701070) | Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (2016A030310427) | Science and Technology Project of Guangzhou City (201804010466) | China Scholarship Council | Age Endeavour Fellowship

Authors: Mofan Zhou, Xiaobo Qu, Weiwei Qi

Stability of the flat FLRW metric in f(T) gravity

Journal Article published 30 Dec 2016 in Physical Review D volume 94 issue 12

Research funded by Age Endeavour Fellowship

Authors: Gabriel Farrugia, Jackson Levi Said

Acclimation improves salt stress tolerance in Zea mays plants

Journal Article published Aug 2016 in Journal of Plant Physiology volume 201 on pages 1 to 8

Research funded by Australian Research Council | Grain Research and Development Corporation | Age Endeavour Fellowship | Marie Curie IEF Fellowship

Authors: Camilla Pandolfi, Elisa Azzarello, Stefano Mancuso, Sergey Shabala