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Membranes and processes for forward osmosis-based desalination: Recent advances and future prospects

Journal Article published May 2018 in Desalination volume 434 on pages 81 to 99

Research funded by Agência Nacional de Águas | National Research Foundation Singapore | Economic Development Board - Singapore

Authors: Yi-Ning Wang, Kunli Goh, Xuesong Li, Laurentia Setiawan, Rong Wang

Variability of apparent and inherent optical properties of sediment-laden waters in large river basins – lessons from in situ measurements and bio-optical modeling

Journal Article published 9 Mar 2017 in Optics Express volume 25 issue 8 on page A283

Research funded by Agência Nacional de Águas | Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales | Département Soutien et Formation, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement | Noveltis

Authors: Sylvain Pinet, Jean-Michel Martinez, Sylvain Ouillon, Bruno Lartiges, Raul Espinoza Villar

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances removal in a full-scale tropical constructed wetland system treating landfill leachate

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Water Research volume 125 on pages 418 to 426

Research funded by National Research Foundation Singapore | Agência Nacional de Águas | China Scholarship Council | National University of Singapore

Authors: Tingru Yin, Huiting Chen, Martin Reinhard, Xinzhu Yi, Yiliang He, Karina Yew-Hoong Gin

Bottom-up influences on tropical freshwater food web structure support the “environmental filtering” hypothesis

Journal Article published 25 Apr 2018 in Limnology and Oceanography

Research funded by Agência Nacional de Águas (R-154-000-619-490) | National Research Foundation | Economic Development Board - Singapore (SPORE, COY-15-EWI-RCFSA/N197-1) | Ministry of Education - Singapore (R-154-000-465-133)

Authors: J. H. Liew, T. D. Jardine, R. B. H. Lim, J. T. B. Kwik, H. H. Tan, Z. Y. Kho, D. C. J. Yeo