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Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer
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Sloshing-induced slamming in screen-equipped rectangular tanks in shallow-water conditions

Journal Article published Mar 2015 in Physics of Fluids volume 27 issue 3 on page 032104

Research funded by Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer (223254) | CeSOS | Fundamental Research Funds for Creative Research Groups in China (50921001) | Major Project of China (2011ZX05026-006-06)

Authors: Zhi-Jun Wei, Odd Magnus Faltinsen, Claudio Lugni, Qian-Jin Yue

The influence of route choice and operating conditions on fuel consumption and CO2 emission of ships

Journal Article published 20 Jan 2016 in Journal of Marine Science and Technology volume 21 issue 3 on pages 434 to 457

Research funded by SHOPERA - Energy Efficient Safe SHip OPERAtion (605221) | Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer | Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (SFRH/BD/89476/2012) | Hrvatska Zaklada za Znanost (223254)

Authors: Jasna Prpić-Oršić, Roberto Vettor, Odd Magnus Faltinsen, Carlos Guedes Soares

An estimation-forecast set-up for iceberg drift prediction

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Cold Regions Science and Technology volume 131 on pages 88 to 107

Research funded by Statoil ASA | Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer (223254)

Authors: Leif Erik Andersson, Francesco Scibilia, Lars Imsland

Understanding the weather signal in national crop-yield variability

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Earth's Future volume 5 issue 6 on pages 605 to 616

Research funded by EU FP7 projects LUC4C (603542) | Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer (308393) | German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (01LS1201A1) | Svenska Forskningsrådet Formas | Leibniz Competition (SAW-2013-PIK-5) | EU FP7 project HELIX (FP7-603864-2)

Authors: Katja Frieler, Bernhard Schauberger, Almut Arneth, Juraj Balkovič, James Chryssanthacopoulos, Delphine Deryng, Joshua Elliott, Christian Folberth, Nikolay Khabarov, Christoph Müller, Stefan Olin, Thomas A. M. Pugh, Sibyll Schaphoff, Jacob Schewe, Erwin Schmid, Lila Warszawski, Anders Levermann

Nonsequential two-photon absorption from the K shell in solid zirconium

Journal Article published 21 Oct 2016 in Physical Review A volume 94 issue 4

Research funded by Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer | U.S. Department of Energy | Volkswagen Foundation

Authors: Shambhu Ghimire, Matthias Fuchs, Jerry Hastings, Sven C. Herrmann, Yuichi Inubushi, Jack Pines, Sharon Shwartz, Makina Yabashi, David A. Reis

Imaging the breakdown of molecular-frame dynamics through rotational uncoupling

Journal Article published 22 Jun 2017 in Physical Review A volume 95 issue 6

Research funded by Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer | Basic Energy Sciences | Office of Science | U.S. Department of Energy

Authors: Lucas J. Zipp, Adi Natan, Philip H. Bucksbaum

Allision risk analysis of offshore petroleum installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf—an empirical study of vessel traffic patterns

Journal Article published 20 Dec 2016 in WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs volume 16 issue 2 on pages 175 to 195

Research funded by SAMCoT (223471) | Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer (223254)

Authors: Martin Hassel, Ingrid Bouwer Utne, Jan Erik Vinnem

On the sensitivity to work hardening and strain-rate effects in nonlinear FEM analysis of ship collisions

Journal Article published 22 Dec 2015 in Ships and Offshore Structures volume 12 issue 1 on pages 100 to 115

Research funded by Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer (223254) | Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company (203471)

Authors: Martin Storheim, Jørgen Amdahl

A comparison of extreme structural responses and fatigue damage of semi-submersible type floating horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines

Journal Article published Aug 2017 in Renewable Energy volume 108 on pages 207 to 219

Research funded by EU FP7 project MARE WINT (309395) | Norges Forskningsråd | Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures (CeSOS) | Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer | Department of Marine Technology | Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet

Authors: Zhengshun Cheng, Helge Aagaard Madsen, Wei Chai, Zhen Gao, Torgeir Moan

Correlations in Scattered X-Ray Laser Pulses Reveal Nanoscale Structural Features of Viruses

Journal Article published 12 Oct 2017 in Physical Review Letters volume 119 issue 15

Research funded by Australian Research Council | Basic Energy Sciences (DE-AC02-76SF00515) | Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse | H2020 European Research Council (ERC-2013-SyG 609920) | U.S. Department of Energy (DEAC02-05CH11231, DE-AC02-05CH11231, DEAC02-05CH11231, DE-AC02-05CH11231) | National Institutes of Health (R01GM095583, R01GM109019) | National Institute of General Medical Sciences (R01GM109019) | Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner og Systemer | Brookhaven National Laboratory (DE-SC0012704) | Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education | Vetenskapsrådet | National Science Foundation (NSF-1231306) | Office of Science

Authors: Ruslan P. Kurta, Jeffrey J. Donatelli, Chun Hong Yoon, Peter Berntsen, Johan Bielecki, Benedikt J. Daurer, Hasan DeMirci, Petra Fromme, Max Felix Hantke, Filipe R. N. C. Maia, Anna Munke, Carl Nettelblad, Kanupriya Pande, Hemanth K. N. Reddy, Jonas A. Sellberg, Raymond G. Sierra, Martin Svenda, Gijs van der Schot, Ivan A. Vartanyants, Garth J. Williams, P. Lourdu Xavier, Andrew Aquila, Peter H. Zwart, Adrian P. Mancuso