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Shock waves simulated using the dual domain material point method combined with molecular dynamics

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Journal of Computational Physics volume 334 on pages 240 to 254

Research funded by U.S. Department of Energy | Stockpile Safety and Surety Program | U.S. Department of Defense | Adhesives and Sealant Council

Authors: Duan Z. Zhang, Tilak R. Dhakal

Time-dependent orbital-free density functional theory for electronic stopping power: Comparison to the Mermin-Kohn-Sham theory at high temperatures

Journal Article published 2 Oct 2018 in Physical Review B volume 98 issue 14

Research funded by Adhesives and Sealant Council | Los Alamos National Laboratory | U.S. Department of Energy (DE-AC52-06NA25396)

Authors: Alexander J. White, Ondrej Certik, Y. H. Ding, S. X. Hu, Lee A. Collins

Evidence for gene flow between wild and cultivated Medicago sativa (Leguminosae)based on allozyme markers andquantitative traits

Journal Article published May 1999 in American Journal of Botany volume 86 issue 5 on pages 677 to 687

Research funded by Bureau des Ressources Ge´ne´tiques | Adhesives and Sealant Council | Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique

Authors: Eric Jenczewski, Jean-Marie Prosperi, Joe¨lle Ronfort

Release characteristics of selected carbon nanotube polymer composites

Journal Article published Mar 2014 in Carbon volume 68 on pages 33 to 57

Research funded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency | American Chemistry Council Nanotechnology Panel | Environment Canada | Health Canada | American Cleaning Institute | Society of Organic Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates | Adhesives and Sealant Council | International Life Sciences Institute Research Foundation

Authors: Christopher Kingston, Richard Zepp, Anthony Andrady, Darrell Boverhof, Richard Fehir, Douglas Hawkins, Justin Roberts, Philip Sayre, Betsy Shelton, Yasir Sultan, Viktor Vejins, Wendel Wohlleben