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A novel role for Lyl1 in primitive erythropoiesis

Journal Article published 5 Sep 2018 in Development volume 145 issue 19 on page dev162990

Research funded by University of Cambridge (APP1052313) | National Health and Medical Research Council | Leukaemia Foundation | Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation | Cancer Institute NSW | Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust | Cancer Australia | Gilead Sciences

Authors: Sung K. Chiu, Jesslyn Saw, Yizhou Huang, Stefan E. Sonderegger, Nicholas C. Wong, David R. Powell, Dominic Beck, John E. Pimanda, Cedric S. Tremblay, David J. Curtis

Disruption of a −35 kb Enhancer Impairs CTCF Binding and MLH1 Expression in Colorectal Cells

Journal Article published 13 Jun 2018 in Clinical Cancer Research volume 24 issue 18 on pages 4602 to 4611

Research funded by Australian Research Council (FT130100096) | Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust | Cancer Australia (APP1057921) | Cancer Council NSW (RG 13-07) | UNSW Sydney | National Health and Medical Research Council (APP1119932, APP1102589, APP1073768) | Gilead Sciences International Research Scholars Program | Cancer Institute NSW (DB00298) | Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship | Translational Cancer Research Network

Authors: Qing Liu, Julie A.I. Thoms, Andrea C. Nunez, Yizhou Huang, Kathy Knezevic, Deborah Packham, Rebecca C. Poulos, Rachel Williams, Dominik Beck, Nicholas J. Hawkins, Robyn L. Ward, Jason W.H. Wong, Luke B. Hesson, Mathew A. Sloane, John E. Pimanda

A CD2 high-expressing stress-resistant human plasmacytoid dendritic-cell subset

Journal Article published 16 Feb 2016 in Immunology and Cell Biology volume 94 issue 5 on pages 447 to 457

Research funded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Program (543727) | Cancer Institute New South Wales Translational Program (11/TPG/3-012) | Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust (RRE/700) | Royal College of Pathologists | Australasia Grant-In-Aid | Enid Ng Fellowship

Authors: Christian Bryant, Phillip D Fromm, Fiona Kupresanin, Georgina Clark, Kenneth Lee, Candice Clarke, Pablo A Silveira, Hayley Suen, Ross Brown, Elizabeth Newman, Ilona Cunningham, P Joy Ho, John Gibson, Kenneth Bradstock, Douglas Joshua, Derek NJ Hart

G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling in Stem Cells and Cancer

Journal Article published 11 May 2016 in International Journal of Molecular Sciences volume 17 issue 5 on page 707

Research funded by National Health and Medical Research Council (APP1066897) | Cancer Council NSW (RG15-11) | Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust (RRE/0700:bm)

Authors: Jennifer Lynch, Jenny Wang

Lymphocyte-Specific Chromatin Accessibility Pre-determines Glucocorticoid Resistance in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Journal Article published Dec 2018 in Cancer Cell volume 34 issue 6 on pages 906 to 921.e8

Research funded by Anthony Rothe Memorial Trust (1129129) | Cancer Australia | Cancer Institute NSW | Balnaves Foundation | National Health and Medical Research Council (APP1059804, 1042934, 1102589)

Authors: Duohui Jing, Yizhou Huang, Xiaoyun Liu, Keith C.S. Sia, Julia C. Zhang, Xiaolu Tai, Meng Wang, Cara E. Toscan, Hannah McCalmont, Kathryn Evans, Chelsea Mayoh, Rebecca C. Poulos, Miriam Span, Jianqing Mi, Chao Zhang, Jason W.H. Wong, Dominik Beck, John E. Pimanda, Richard B. Lock