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Optical determination of the width of the band-tail states, and the excited state and ground state energies of the principal dosimetric trap in feldspar

Journal Article published Sep 2018 in Radiation Measurements

Research funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – Stiftung Studium und Lehre (Ministry for Education and Research of the German government) | Aberystwyth University | An Erasmus + student mobility | Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (PZ00P2_167960) | Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid (BELSPO BRAIN-be BR/121/A2)

Authors: Svenja Riedesel, Georgina E. King, Amit Kumar Prasad, Raju Kumar, Adrian A. Finch, Mayank Jain

Evapotranspiration model comparison and an estimate of field scale Miscanthus canopy precipitation interception

Journal Article published 19 Feb 2018 in GCB Bioenergy volume 10 issue 5 on pages 353 to 366

Research funded by Aberystwyth University | MAGLUE | Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M013200/1) | Carbo-biocrop (NE/H01067X/1) | Energy Technologies Institute | ELUM

Authors: Amanda J. Holder, Jon P. McCalmont, Niall P. McNamara, Rebecca Rowe, Iain S. Donnison

Genome-wide prediction of prokaryotic two-component system networks using a sequence-based meta-predictor

Journal Article published 18 Sep 2015 in BMC Bioinformatics volume 16 issue 1

Research funded by Aberystwyth University (Scholarship) | Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBS/E/W/10962A01D)

Authors: Altan Kara, Martin Vickers, Martin Swain, David E. Whitworth, Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes

Popular justice and the regulation of trade: muckraking, rough music, political cartoons and the vilification of entrepreneurial heroes

Journal Article published 3 Jul 2018 in Law and Humanities volume 12 issue 2 on pages 204 to 228

Research funded by Aberystwyth University | Leverhulme Trust

Authors: Christopher Harding

The sky is the limit: reconstructing physical geography from an aerial perspective

Journal Article published 26 Oct 2016 in Journal of Geography in Higher Education volume 41 issue 1 on pages 134 to 146

Research funded by Aberystwyth University

Authors: Richard D. Williams, Stephen Tooth, Morgan Gibson

Effect of zinc carnosine and bovine colostrum, alone and in combination, on gut permeability following endurance exercise.

Dataset published 3 Feb 2015 in

Research funded by Aberystwyth University

Authors: Glen Davison, Daniel March

Nonexistence results for relaxation spectra with compact support

Journal Article published 19 Feb 2016 in Inverse Problems volume 32 issue 3 on page 035006

Research funded by Aberystwyth University (APRS Award)

Authors: R J Douglas, H R Whittle Gruffudd

German-Israeli ties in 2015 and 1965: the difficult special relationship

Journal Article published Jul 2015 in International Affairs volume 91 issue 4 on pages 835 to 849

Research funded by Aberystwyth University | Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst


Giving service and provoking rupture: the post-Fordist performer at work

Journal Article published 2 Nov 2016 in Studies in Theatre and Performance volume 37 issue 1 on pages 139 to 154

Research funded by Aberystwyth University (Strategic Insight Programme)

Authors: Alison E. Matthews

Modelling the transport and decay processes of microbial tracers in a macro-tidal estuary

Journal Article published Oct 2017 in Water Research volume 123 on pages 802 to 824

Research funded by Aberystwyth University | Natural Resources Wales, and Swansea City County Council | Food Standards Agency

Authors: Amyrhul Abu-Bakar, Reza Ahmadian, Roger A. Falconer