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Determinants of ventilation and pulmonary artery pressure during early acclimatization to hypoxia in humans

Journal Article published 5 Jun 2015 in The Journal of Physiology volume 594 issue 5 on pages 1197 to 1213

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust

Authors: Marzieh Fatemian, Mari Herigstad, Quentin P. P. Croft, Federico Formenti, Rosa Cardenas, Carly Wheeler, Thomas G. Smith, Maria Friedmannova, Keith L. Dorrington, Peter A. Robbins

Socioeconomic disadvantage across the life-course and oral health in older age: findings from a longitudinal study of older British men

Journal Article published 19 Apr 2018 in Journal of Public Health

Research funded by British Heart Foundation Programme (RG/08/013/25942) | Dunhill Medical Trust (R396/1114) | Medical Research Council (G1002391)

Authors: Sheena E Ramsay, Efstathios Papachristou, Richard G Watt, Lucy T Lennon, A Olia Papacosta, Peter H Whincup, S Goya Wannamethee

Can patients without early, prominent visual deficits still be diagnosed of posterior cortical atrophy?

Journal Article published Aug 2016 in Journal of the Neurological Sciences volume 367 on pages 26 to 31

Research funded by Alzheimer's Research UK | Brain Research Trust | Wolfson Foundation | Dunhill Medical Trust (R337/0214) | Alzheimer's Society (AS-PG-14-022) | ESRC/NIHR (ES/K006711/1) | Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M006093/1)

Authors: A. Suárez-González, S.J. Crutch, F. Roldán Lora, E. Franco-Macías, E. Gil-Néciga

Improving appropriate polypharmacy for older people in primary care: selecting components of an evidence-based intervention to target prescribing and dispensing

Journal Article published 16 Nov 2015 in Implementation Science volume 10 issue 1

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust (R298/0513)

Authors: Cathal A. Cadogan, Cristín Ryan, Jill J. Francis, Gerard J. Gormley, Peter Passmore, Ngaire Kerse, Carmel M. Hughes

Dual regression physiological modeling of resting-state EPI power spectra: Effects of healthy aging

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in NeuroImage

Research funded by Initial Training Network (FP7) | Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN-316716) | National Institute for Health Research | Wellcome Trust (203139/Z/16/Z) | Dunhill Medical Trust

Authors: Olivia Viessmann, Harald E. Möller, Peter Jezzard

The pathway to consultation for rheumatoid arthritis: exploring anticipated actions between the onset of symptoms and face-to-face encounter with a healthcare professional

Journal Article published 14 Jun 2017 in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders volume 18 issue 1

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust (R226/1111)

Authors: Gwenda Simons, Sophie Lumley, Marie Falahee, Kanta Kumar, Christian D. Mallen, Rebecca J. Stack, Karim Raza

Lessons from Metabonomics on the Neurobiology of Stroke

Journal Article published 24 Oct 2016 in The Neuroscientist volume 23 issue 4 on pages 374 to 382

Research funded by Circulation Foundation | Royal College of Surgeons of England | Masons Medical Research Trust | National Institute for Health Research | Imperial Private Healthcare | Graham Dixon Charitable Trust | Dunhill Medical Trust | Rosetrees Trust

Authors: Mahim I. Qureshi, Panagiotis A. Vorkas, Alexander P. Coupland, I. Harri Jenkins, Elaine Holmes, Alun H. Davies

Use of primary care and other healthcare services between age 85 and 90 years: longitudinal analysis of a single-year birth cohort, the Newcastle 85+ study

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in BMJ Open volume 8 issue 1 on page e019218

Research funded by Newcastle Healthcare Charity | Dunhill Medical Trust | Medical Research Council | National Institute for Health Research | Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

Authors: Mohammad Esmaeil Yadegarfar, Carol Jagger, Rachel Duncan, Tony Fouweather, Barbara Hanratty, Stuart Parker, Louise Robinson

Template-based field map prediction for rapid whole brain B0 shimming

Journal Article published 28 Nov 2017 in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine volume 80 issue 1 on pages 171 to 180

Research funded by Medical Research Council | Dunhill Medical Trust | Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (659263) | Wellcome Trust (091509/Z/10/Z, 203139/Z/16/Z)

Authors: Yuhang Shi, S. Johanna Vannesjo, Karla L. Miller, Stuart Clare

Alleles that increase risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus are not associated with increased risk for Alzheimer's disease

Journal Article published Dec 2014 in Neurobiology of Aging volume 35 issue 12 on pages 2883.e3 to 2883.e10

Research funded by Competence Network Dementia and Competence Network Degenerative Dementia | National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering | Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London | Elan | Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development LLC | Alzheimer’s Research UK | Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy Research & Development, LLC | Ulster Garden Villages | Pfizer | Mercer's Institute for Research on Ageing | Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust | Eisai | Novartis | Synarc Inc | UCLH/UCL Biomedical Centre | National Institute on Aging | Barnes Jewish Foundation | Innogenetics, N.V. | Lundbeckfonden | Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung | IXICO Ltd | Bristol Research into Alzheimer's and Care of the Elderly | National Institutes of Health (U01 AG024904) | Piramal Imaging | BioClinica, Inc | Wellcome Trust | Royal College of Physicians | Alzheimer's Society | Servier | Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative | Genentech | DOD ADNI (W81XWH-12-2–0012) | NHS Foundation Trust | Medical Research Council | Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC | Medpace, Inc | National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Mental Health Biomedical Research Centre and Dementia | GE Healthcare | Eli Lilly and Company | Biogen | Northern Ireland R&D Office | Psychiatry Research Trust | Welsh Assembly Government | F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd | Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung | Merck | Charles and Joanne Knight Alzheimer's Research Initiative | Institute of Psychiatry | Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America | Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation | Alzheimer's Association | NeuroRx Research | Dunhill Medical Trust | Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation | National Health Service Foundation Trust | National Institutes for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health

Authors: Petroula Proitsi, Michelle K. Lupton, Latha Velayudhan, Gillian Hunter, Stephen Newhouse, Kuang Lin, Isabella Fogh, Magda Tsolaki, Makrina Daniilidou, Megan Pritchard, David Craig, Stephen Todd, Janet A. Johnston, Bernadette McGuinness, Iwona Kloszewska, Hilkka Soininen, Patrizia Mecocci, Bruno Vellas, Peter A. Passmore, Rebecca Sims, Julie Williams, Carol Brayne, Robert Stewart, Pak Sham, Simon Lovestone, John F. Powell

Transient Epileptic Amnesia over twenty years: Long-term follow-up of a case series with three detailed reports

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Seizure volume 43 on pages 48 to 55

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust (R322/1113) | Medical Research Council (MR/K010395/1) | National Health and Medical Research Council (1037746) | Australian Research Council (CE110001021)

Authors: Sharon A. Savage, Christopher R. Butler, John R. Hodges, Adam Z. Zeman

HDAC-mediated control of ERK- and PI3K-dependent TGF-β-induced extracellular matrix-regulating genes

Journal Article published Sep 2010 in Matrix Biology volume 29 issue 7 on pages 602 to 612

Research funded by Arthritis Research Campaign | Dunhill Medical Trust | JGW Patterson Foundation | Fighting Arthritis in the North East | Medical Research Council

Authors: Matt J. Barter, Leon Pybus, Gary J. Litherland, Andrew D. Rowan, Ian M. Clark, Dylan R. Edwards, Tim E. Cawston, David A. Young

Eliminating periodontal infection in patients with type 2 diabetes

Dataset published 5 Dec 2012 in>

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust

Authors: Kerry Stone

'The Home-based Older People's Exercise (HOPE) Programme: An Exercise Programme to Improve the Functional Status of Older People

Dataset published 5 Dec 2012 in>

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust

Authors: Andrew Paul Clegg

Do abnormalities in the control of brain blood flow account for dizziness on standing or after meals in older people?

Dataset published 6 Dec 2012 in>

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust

Authors: Alice C L Ong

Allopurinol in sarcopenia

Dataset published 17 Jan 2013 in>

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust

Authors: Jacob George

Development of a pharmacy practice intervention: lessons from the literature

Journal Article published 22 Aug 2015 in International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust (R298/0513)

Authors: Carmel M. Hughes, Cathal A. Cadogan, Cristín A. Ryan

Observational cohort study: deprivation and access to anti-dementia drugs in the UK

Journal Article published 18 Nov 2015 in Age and Ageing volume 45 issue 1 on pages 148 to 154

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust

Authors: Claudia Cooper, Rebecca Lodwick, Kate Walters, Rosalind Raine, Jill Manthorpe, Steve Iliffe, Irene Petersen

Relative Contribution of Intramyocellular Lipid to Whole-Body Fat Oxidation Is Reduced With Age but Subsarcolemmal Lipid Accumulation and Insulin Resistance Are Only Associated With Overweight Individuals

Journal Article published 6 Jan 2016 in Diabetes volume 65 issue 4 on pages 840 to 850

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust (R211/0711)

Authors: Carolyn Chee, Chris E. Shannon, Aisling Burns, Anna L. Selby, Daniel Wilkinson, Kenneth Smith, Paul L. Greenhaff, Francis B. Stephens

‘It's the little things that count’: healthcare professionals’ views on delivering dignified care: a qualitative study

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2016 in Journal of Advanced Nursing volume 72 issue 4 on pages 782 to 790

Research funded by Dunhill Medical Trust (R93/1108)

Authors: Veronika Williams, Deborah Kinnear, Christina Victor